BAM! You’ve got a sweet forum

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There’s nothing sweeter than a fresh new forum, ready to welcome your community. A Vanilla Forum has all the bits and pieces you need to build an awesome discussion platform customized to your needs. Here’s a few tips:
  • Use the Getting Started list in the Dashboard to configure your site.
  • Don’t use too many categories. We recommend 3-8. Keep it simple!
  • “Announce” a discussion (click the gear) to stick to the top of the list, and “Close” it to stop further comments.
  • Use “Sink” to take attention away from a discussion. New comments will no longer bring it back to the top of the list.
  • Bookmark a discussion (click the star) to get notifications for new comments. You can edit notification settings from your profile.
Go ahead and edit or delete this discussion, then spread the word to get this place cooking. Cheers!


  • System
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    This is the first comment on your site and it’s an important one.

    Don’t see your must-have feature? We keep Vanilla nice and simple by default. Use addons to get the special sauce your community needs.

    Not sure which addons to enable? Our favorites are Button Bar and Tagging. They’re almost always a great start.
  • HooliganThePooh
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    El juego a día de hoy sigue roto y los desarrolladores ignoran los posts de los usuarios. Pero eso sí, tenemos un hilo en español (con introducción e instrucciones en inglés, como no) para que nos puedan ignorar en nuestro propio idioma!

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