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For some reason this post deleted itself. I apologize for any inconvenience. This was originally posted on June 5th. With the Monarch now in the game I just wanted to say couple things that I noticed during release day. I’ve noticed that certain titans have rivalries with each other. I observed them closely and this is what I came up with. Legion Vs Tone Legion and Tone are the powerhouses. These titans seem to be the most powerful and are able to take on multiple titans at once (I think I’ve seen one of each kill 5 titans with one use of the Smart/Salvo core)!!!! Another important thing to note is that during release day other than Monarchs dominating matches, the majority of other titans deployed were Legions and Tones. They already have a bitter rivalry and now with the Monarch entering the arena, competition is only going to get stiffer. Scorch Vs Ion Ion and Scorch are what I like to call the “Elementals”. Scorch using fire and Ion using laser if you consider that an element. Both of which are based off of one form of attack and are devastating (Scorch using Flame core and Ion using Laser Core). Monarch seems to use multiple elements within its move set as well as other modifications. This can give them quite a challenge and they would have to be careful on how to attack the Monarch. A good strategy would be to get in mid-Range combat. Ronin vs Northstar Ronin and Northstar are polar opposites. Northstar being based on flight and long range combat while Ronin being based on CQC with his sword. Despite their differences, they both seem to work pretty well against the Monarch, especially Ronin. This, however was based on the few days after Monarch was released. Monarch vs ??? As far as I know, Monarch does not seem to have a concrete rival as of yet. Whether another titan will be added or it finds one within the game is yet to be discovered. I will be keeping a close eye on what happens in the near future. I played the game from 7pm-11pm est. When I played I saw- A bunch of Legions A bunch of Tones 5 Ronins 4 Northstars 3 Scorches (one of which I got killed by XD) And 3-4 Ions. I will be keeping track of future titanfalls to see what happens with the Monarch as well as the other titans.


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