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  • Yes, Gold subscription is needed for online play. I had to shutdown/restart my Xbone 4 times tonight, before I was allowed to play TF2 online. I don't think uninstalling/reinstalling the game will help because this happens to me on two separate cons…
  • You are not alone Laddie. My wife recently took in a black kitten (just in time for Halloween) that had been hanging around a neighbor's back deck & this particular cat is an iPhone cord chewer, but is doing it less and less, thankfully. The nei…
  • I wouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. Some nights the Advocate is pretty stingy when it comes throwing anything my way. :(
  • I'm on Xbone and the game freezes for a second whenever a message pops up in game like "Level Up". Been happening for a couple of weeks. I was hoping the problem would disappear after the update, but it persists.
  • Sounds like it might be controller drift due to a faulty thumbstick module. Does this happen on any other game? Remove the batteries from the controller while playing to see if it stops.

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