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  • (Quote) Thanks finally can play in peace.... T . T .... i did a test run with ronin and equipped highlander and 20% core and try to do core as much as possible.... havent have any problems yet... thank you r3con54
  • if you guys are alert some players have computer crashes and not drop out intentionally...... im one of the poor sods.... every 3 frontier i play i drop out 1 cause of com crashing and respawn is not fixing it...
  • Seriously please fix the game! im hanging at every winning moment! i can't even get pass 3rd aegis rank for my ronin. And when i am about to win with a ronin get an enemy cornered melee him..... instead of him dying my PC crashing!!! its getting rea…
  • hi met a hacker online today... can RESPAWN do something about it.... it seemed to be an aim hack happening.... i was hiding behind a wall while this hacker was engaging an enemy titan he was able to fire ION LASER CORE at me while engaging a titan …
  • recently i am crashing more often.... i notice i crash a lot on scorch and ion.... ion especially...... i dont know if this makes sense... hahaha
  • I have a friend that told me the crashes is caused by the huge sound files the game has + heavy graphics.... that day i was playing frontier knowing my amd will hang if i do to many actions at once.... i try to chill out.... and this other player us…
  • Video Card: AMD Radeon R7 370 series Video Card Driver: 17.7.2 Processor: FX-8350 eight core processor Memory: GDDR5 16 GB OS: Windows 7 elite (64 bit) DXDiag: PM me to obtain thanks How long does it take to crash? Happened to me once during story …

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