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Found a glitch spot on crashsite, will show a video on it soon if i have the chance.


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  • True, true, i've only used North Star once but, i might use it to see if it might do me some good though ill have to wait till the feeling of being a tank goes away.
  • I use Legion on all maps and use short range mode for long range and short range since it increases accuracy and power shot is like a North Star shot, i also have a problem with reload but, usually i take cover and reload in time. The only problem w…
  • I always use this loadout and probably always will: Primary: R-201 (extended mag)(quick reload) Secondary: Archer (quick reload)(faster sight) Type: Grapple Ordnance: Grenade Kit 1:Fast regeneration Kit 2:Low profile Boost: Pilot sentry Titan: LEGIO…
  • I mastered it in November but, it did take time, took me a hour to get 32 seconds but, i am done with the campaign now that i platinum ed the game
  • I agree with you, i use nuke eject cuz usually i can take a few with me and if i am killed in my nuke eject then it doesnt give the enemies points just hurt my k/d though staying with a team i good, a stimmed shotgunner or a grenade can kill a whole…
  • I agree with what your saying, the North star has gotten me hurt and flanked many times since its faster and can go over buildings while i make a effort to go after it.
  • I agree, i use Legion and am constantly killed by Ronin's who nuke eject and kill my slow moving hulk, especially with its ability to phase shift and everything, i use nuke eject whenever because their is always a chance but, not once have i ever(an…
  • I understand what your saying and that's true. But, its not all about the titans, why do you think there is a way to rodeo titans? Its meant for players just starting titan fall. Its like as if you used to play cod where its just guns and now you ha…
  • I'm just saying, i use a Legion and usually all it takes is my short range mode and 1 clip to take out a North star or at least suppress it till a friendly takes it out
  • If your playing any online game, you must always be on the move. I know since i have a 3.0 k/d and a 76% win percentage. I use a R-201 since its good all around and legion but lets get back to you. On Attrition, i always swing into action, i usuall…
  • Here is my opinion, just don't use it. It has no shields and dies quickly against any titan. It doesn't have the right equipment to be good on the field and can't dish out enough damage. But, its up to you, all titans have its strengths and weakness…
  • I agree with MeFirstThenYou, plus the grapple hook isn't supposed to appear behind him/her like that, just saying
  • Just so you know, I use Legion like ****, though his weakness is mainly the Ronin since NS are able to be killed from afar with the short range mode (which increases accuracy but loses damage from farther ranges) and can kill any other titan if its …

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