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  • The lag spikes cannot be fixed since it was on the server side. They use cheap google server which cannot handle fast paced fps games. I noticed that Cod Bo3 also added these servers recently and now it has the same lag spikes as tf2.
  • lag lag lag lag :D when the game first came out, it was a bliss eventhough my ping was 130ms...everything worked fine. now with the same ping, I'm always getting slaughtered. Phase shift doesnt have any use anymore since 90% I died after phasing. W…
  • there wont be a fix and can't be fixed becoz there arent enough players on singapore server
  • I'm having the same issue, my character stuck on nothing when running. I had to wiggle the stick to get free.
  • Last night the server is fixed and felt much faster in game, not laggy. Played couple of times and they were stable at 115ms in jp servers. How about you guys? Hopefully respawn or someone in the server side will not experimenting with it again.
  • Oh my god! Finally the jp servers for SEA region is finally fixed! I did not believe it first, but i have tried at least 5x looking for matches.. And they stayes at 115ms ping. PLEASEEE OH PLEASEE Respawn, Do Not change the matchmaking or netcode o…
  • @ SEA players I just done some testing to the japanese servers. Apparently there are 2 types of jp servers, one with good ping (100-ish ms) and the dreaded >220 ms ping servers. Last night, the chances of getting the good jp server were about 2 …
  • Ok, tonight matches were slightly better. I finally got 115 ms ping matches but most games were still on 235-250 ping. 4 out of 10 matches were on 115 ping. 1 out of those 10 was on 60 ping. Again, before the life fire update, 150 ms ping was the ma…
  • umm..no..before live fire update, it used to be around 140ms ping max. After the update until and still now, it is 250-350. I have tried to connect to japanese server directly. It is said the server is around 90-110 ms ping, I got matched with japa…
  • I'm guessing the lack of support is becoz half of the respawn team is doing a new starwars game and the other half is busy with making new dlc for tf2.
  • @Jayfresh_Respawn You have answered about the ping spikes, how about the issue of unusually high ping in-game after patch?
  • Wow...just wow. Not even a respond from respawn. I knew that they are understaffed but with no confirmation whatsoever, it is just bull. Literary we as Asian players do not have any support for this game and I noticed quite huge amount of dropout pl…
  • Platform: PS4 Describe Issue or Bug: We, me and my friends, are from South East Asia and always use singapore server. Since the update, we always matched into a high ping game, above 250ms and the matchmaking takes longer. Before the patch, the hi…
  • It is all about how many players are playing in the server. If the game cannot find enough available players in the server you have chosen, it will automatically divert you to another closest server that have available players. That is why although…
  • It is all about the total count of players in your region. In the matchmaking, if the game could not find a group of players from your chosen server, it will automatically put you with another group of players from different server. That is why alth…
  • I'm on ps4 and I has the same problem as well. Looks like they changed the matchmaking code and auto change the server, not the server that we have chosen before.

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