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  • @OdysseyHome Tried the your loadout recommendation. Frag is great, I combine it with ordnance expert because I want to git gud at using ordnance. This is the first ordnance that has significant impact in killing enemies. For Tick boost.... I stil…
  • @fluffythebadger Level 50? or gen50? If level 50 I believe we experiences the same thing. Im Gen4 btw. Below are the thread I created and already many tips & trick provided by many experienced players in this forum: https://forums.titanfall.…
  • Hellow Bro, remember me The Noob.. ha2. Gen4 now. She is my main Titan now. Bored using Tone and Legion. I use Overcore and Zero Tripwire. Her energy is more manageable with Zero TripWire + I love Trip Wire. Only this one has good damage and can w…
  • Ya, I saw this video posted by gamesager before A-Wall nerf, but he combine it with Hemlok, and also Pilot Sentry. Its enough to kill Pilot in one burst shot. Almost all players use A-Wall. Definitely a Broken Loadout.. LOL
  • So after Spitfire buffed and Devotion nerfed, now Spitfire is better than Devotion? I watch some videos on youtube about this buff/nerf. Devotion was OP in the past they say. The only exp Im using Spitfire was on campaign which I feel unpleasant …
  • Do you have videos of you using A-Wall? I would love to see. Currently I use A-Wall exclusive for FD combined with Devotion. its just logic, all you fight is minions in FD and they are dumb, you dont need good mobility, so fire power is number one …

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