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  • Can we get back to the actual issue i have? Not being able to connect to special games? Based on the fact i tried accessing it on day 1 and again with the new york region. There is something wrong with how im connecting or finding matches for specia…
  • But i dont think my issue relates to 0 people on a gamemode because like i said. Day 1 of release of a new special gamemode. I can not connect to a match. Nor can i connect to any of special gamemode. I do think its my client. But more then 50gb ta…
  • I find myself getting into bounty hunt the most. With capture the flag 2nd most. Attrition is the 3rd. But i do agree. A improvement must be done. Maybe it doesnt save your toggled gamemode (unless you select it in the settings or something) and th…
  • (Quote) Waited for 5min on new york data center. Still none signs of finding a match
  • Thanks. Ill try it out. I normally connect to London

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