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  • It's because Discord has continued to update their interface, and Titanfall 2 hasn't been updated since 2017.
  • I'm closing this thread - it's not in the appropriate area, and people keep resurrecting it even though it's three or more years old. Look at the dates folks - it's against forum rules to resurrect threads.
  • (Quote) If it started 2 days ago - what changed in those two days? Is it limited to Titanfall/ TF2? I know that nvidia just released some new drivers - look and see if yours was updated, and if so - roll back the update to see if it still happen…
  • (Quote) I wouldn't expect an answer - the post you quoted is three years old, and the poster only has 3 posts from that same time period. Best bet, if you're having an issue, is to contact EA Support - these are the official Fan forums, and while …
  • We have a Discord channel (unofficial - where these forums are official) - the info is in the General Chat forums - you're both welcome to join in. We have a variety of players from all over the world that participate on all platforms. Here's the …
  • Please follow up - I'd be interested to hear what fixes it.
    in Lag Comment by Magikf1ngers June 5
  • Hate to say it, but if I were you, I'd look at environmental factors around your PS4: Is it on Wifi? If so - try connecting it with a network cable, and see if you have the same problem. If it's on WiFi - and you can't run a cable, make sure that …
    in Lag Comment by Magikf1ngers June 5
  • Oh - I've played them all - the problem is, the older games were designed around Win95 / 98 / Me - and when they switched to Windows 2000, they switched to the Windows NT kernal, so a lot of older games have to work through an emulator to work on an…
  • Are you hitting X three times?

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