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  • It's all dependent upon your game play style. They all have advantages and disadvantages, and all can either be strong in a pilot's hands, or a tin can. My personal two favorites are Scorch (by far) and Ion / Legion tied for second place. However…
  • (Quote) You realize that you're posting on a thread that's over a year old, and that post was already from a year after they stopped support for the game, right? Have you contacted EA Support about this yet? Everything I've read talks about it ei…
  • (Quote) I'm all for running a machine into the ground LOL - my last rig before I built this one had components that were a decade old. As far as AL - it's on the Source engine as well. That's part of my problem with it - the Source engine feels s…
  • Folks - post up your platform and time / server you're connected to please. Coming in and cussing and complaining isn't going to help. At least some of us other players can either help corroborate or maybe help you. I play on the PC - and I've n…
  • I'd second the CAR, but I also think it's platform dependent, from the way some of the guys in here and our Discord talk. I'm on the PC - I know @HurtMaker3 is on XBox. Alternator can be wicked in the right hands, but it seems to have a bit of a s…
  • I'd rather see you post this in the main forums, as technically, the Legion is performing as designed, and it's not a bug. Aside from that, don't expect any action. Respawn hasn't done anything for Titanfall 2 since 2017 when they stopped support.

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