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  • As promised, I did have an opportunity to play last night and wanted to report back. Everything worked perfectly last night. I had absolutely no issues so maybe this was just an short episode. If this issue comes up again, I will be sure to capture …
  • (Quote) I don't believe so. They all had different network tags unless they changed for Happy Hour purposes.
  • (Quote) It started on Eden. That's where the entire team was spawning in the same spot. It was in the far right corner of the map where the building, pipes, and a deposit station were. It continued on Exo Planet, Black Water Canal, and Complex. Ap…
  • (Quote) The series has a very loyal fan base that no matter what will buy the game every time one releases. It's like myself with Battlefield. BF4 was a disaster when it released and took months to fix, but when BF1 was announced it was an instant …
  • I played a few matches Sunday and Monday via a beta code from a buddy of mine and its not for me. I don't know it something was wrong with my download or what, but the game felt sluggish and clunky to me. I very much was considering buying it but af…

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