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Made a tricks post but since i had grammar mistakes because im **** i edited it too many times and now it needs to be approved... "I have no idea what im doing!"- Call of duty Ghosts emblem description.


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  • using 1 tehter trap will pin the enemy to an area but using the 2 trap kit will hold that enemy in place with no option to move... makes it easier to crit-hit+ cluster missile.
  • use different guns/factions. each time you level up a gun it will give you a credit (sometimes an advocate gift as well) and leveling up a faction will grant you an advocate gift too. personally i'd reccomend you to just regenerate so you will also …
  • https://forums.titanfall.com/en-us/discussion/10493/how-to-play-as-the-godnin Here you go buddy. there are also some combos in there. good luck
  • G2 campers... those guys make me feel im the only one going close range with this gun. thats how i got the Inner pieces execution the moment "angel city most wanted" came out... the moment i see one of those guys i leave everything else be…
  • Pulse knife (for trickshots) primary-Hemlok secondary-Switching between P2016/Wingman (both normal+elite) kit1-fast regen kit2-low profile nade-smoke nades Titan- mixing between all but using Tone/Scorch most
  • in your case toast fire the missiles at a 90 degrees angle (pointing up) it will make them harder to block or you can force the enemy to disengage and then catch them from behind a wall (tip1: curve)

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