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  • It was poor customer relations to say they were uneducated, but right at the same time. Growing real tired of all these neckbeards acting like women contributed zero to WW2 when BFV is all about exploring less known periods of WW2. I never heard abo…
  • They've already tweaked the reflex sight so it's easier to set through. http://www.twitter.com/Valerian48k/status/1040578157290704897/photo/1 Also, fun trivia, reflex sights were in invented in the early 1900s. Germans had them on fighter aircraft …
  • As a low level tank you die fast, when you shoot five Panzerfausts into a Valentine and it still kills you, that's Bravo Sierra. (On Rotterdam at point B. Shot my base two, hit the ammo point, and still didn't die. And pleanty of people mad about m…
  • Now the beta is over and I tried out more of the game, here are more of my thoughts. The assault class is too versatile, it was my go to when I really needed to sweat out a match. You have far more offensive options and about the only class that ca…
  • @ensc1 too bad you had that error, glad to see it fixed. Currently doing a second play through. It's fun with the new game plus so you have your upgraded stuff, currently upgrading the weapons I didn't use the first go around. Definitely like their …
  • Would have been rad if it was in the works, just 100% wishful speculation in the first place lol. I get why 3rd person isn't everyone's cup of tea. I personally would like a 3rd person titan game. However aiming is the biggest stickler for me becau…

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