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  • simgeekilo
    My whole play style with TF 2 revolves around the grapple, Why mess with it? Makes me want to move on and not bother with TF2.

    Please put it back to the way it was!
    October 31
    • danwil2171
      I 100% agree with this. The grapple does not play correctly anymore the recharge is much two slow and given the map sizes multiples sequential grapples need to be used. In a game that is made to go fast you have slowed down the game and now forced me to run around on the ground something this game was not designed to do.
      Totally agree the lack of insight into bunny hopping and air strafing for players that can't do it to keep the speed going relied on grapple. But no training on the subject that leaves players wall running where they can and standing in one area of the map in groups to stand and wait for those that can move. That leaves players that can move and play the game how its supposed to be played at a disadvantage as its far to easy to stand there in the aim and shoot wall runners and movers. Game is ruined
      I'm now coming across games where both sides refuse to leave therd spawns and stand in groups all waiting to shoot one pilot that plays the game as its supposed to be played. That gets boring so players leave and don't come back. More emphasis must be made on training and have more than one route to practise ie the gauntlet. Why not have ten levels to pass before the go into multi player
    Still no reply usless moderator or has ea sacked you. They need to if you can't reply toa simple question Stuff titanfall you dead Iin the water and your Inignorance it typical off those that haven't got a clue wgats going on. Just like respawn in general. And I speak fo the 100 members in my clan also. Non of them play they refuse as you don't hear your players if you did you wouldn't be such a failure. Yes it's a brilliant game as in movement its the only game of its type but as for the rest what a mess up. Sad really I wanted so much for it to succeed I guess I'll have to find another game that works and that doesn't have identical modes in there list. Saying one thing doing another constantly nerfing its been over a year and still you mess with the game im done with you.
    December 5
    Pointless asking this lot anything or pointing out mistakes they don't bother to reply. Tf3 you'll be lucky if you sell a thousand games after the ignorance you have shown these posts. I for one and most of my clan over 100 gamers all say the same. They will not be getting tf3 and have stopped playing tf2 well done peeps. You took the best game around and killed it. enjoy your 450mill
    December 2
    Every nerf you loose more players every mistake like having the same game mode in rotation and mixtape usless. Taking grapple away was tge worst thing you could have done. I have over 100 in my clan the moaning is off the hook are you trying to kill it now you have you're 450 mill lol
    December 1
    Ok I understand tacktical attrition was goung to be in the rotation part of the game as attack on titanfall was. As we never played it before. And on the patch notes you said nitro would be in mix tape but instead you put tacktical attrition in the perm game mode to???? Instead off nitro and thats before you have even given the new mode a chance in the rotation whats going on and were is nitro as alot of players expected in mixtape a permanent mode. No wonder the player
    December 1

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