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  • CANDYgrm4MrMongo
    June 15
  • CANDYgrm4MrMongo
    Candy - stop accusing folks of cheating.
    Hay Magik...
    Where in any of my statements did I accuse someone of cheating by name? Also being a mod and you have all the experience ...where were you suggestions for a solution?
    June 14
    • Magikf1ngers
      You said:

      "I also noticed one other thing... maybe those that protest to loudly against this idea should be looked at more closely. After all wouldn't it be in a cheaters best interest to shoot the idea down before it gained ground....saying '" ooooh that's going to be abused " wa wa wa . Also.. I didn't see any better suggestions ...if you've got hem post them"

      So basically - you, in essence, accused everyone who was saying your solutions wouldn't work were doing so because we are cheaters. That's what that says. So - myself, ProjectBangarang, RedShield75, and anyone else who spoke up.

      My suggestions:

      1. I told you EXACTLY how to handle it right now. Record the video. Send it to [email protected] and give them the basics on what happened. JayFresh - the community manager himself - mans that e-mail address along with one other Respawn employee. Then they forward it on directly to FairFight - the anti-cheat that Titanfall uses. They are very responsive and get it taken care of if they see the cheating. They did this for both 1 & 2, and I don't see it changing for three, unless there's contractual requirements from EA.
      2. In my response to you after your post in which you asked me what I thought about Overwatch:

      "To me - the solution is very simple, yet hard to enforce.

      Cheating needs to be written into the EULA in clear and concise language, basically saying that cheating of any sort, whether it's modifying the code, using outside software, etc., etc., (I don't know how to put it in legalease - I'm marketing, not legal) and make it clear that anyone caught will face prosecution for it. It's technically already against the EULA - but if they clear up the language round cheating specifically - since you have to agree to the EULA to play the game - then you agree to it."

      I also - if you read my posts - promote going back to a server browser system where teams can lease their own servers like they used to, so they can police it. Having live admins on is THE best way to handle it, but in the current network infrastructure, there IS no admin. If they put your solutions into play with that sort of network architecture, it would be abused mightily.

      I also think that it's got to be multi-faceted - and that going back to that system is just the first step, then they will also have FairFight or Punkbuster or something along those lines, and then the manned mailbox. Read my posts - you'll see I've said this all many times.

      You say you've been gaming for 20 years, but haven't been playing these types of games - but I've spent more than the last 20 years playing EXACTLY these kinds of games, and your solutions have already been tried and failed.

      Look man - I'm going to tell you the exact same thing I've told a couple of other folks that come in gunning like you did. You and I - we likely agree on a LOT more than we disagree on. Even the stuff that we disagree on - I respect that. We're allowed to disagree on things and still be civil. However, by hinting that we're all cheaters because we don't agree is not just insulting, it's against the forum guidelines.

      The warning should have come back off - I think the initial warning only lasts 2 hours - so bygones and all of that.

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