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  • Harrohinge
    Dear, Jayfresh. Sorry to bother you if that's okay. I'm having a bit of a problem where my Titanfall 2 isn't starting up on my pc. Its nowhere to be found and I'm very confused. I press play on origin but nothing happens. Its supposedly running in task manager yet I cant see it anywhere please help if possible.
    December 2017
    • Jayfresh_Respawn
      Hey! Sorry for the issue. Best thing to do for this kind of situation is file with support - https://help.ea.com/en/

      If you are having issues getting a response from them let me know.
  • YoloFlin
    Hello Jayfresh, I hope you have a good day.

    Recently I had some ideas for the pilot's customization.
    It would be great if they put it in the game at some point.

    Well, my idea is practically to change the helmets, body and jump kit of the pilots among themselves, but in each category. the customization would be by appearance group, that is:

    -A-wall and Cloak
    -Stim and Phase shift
    -Grapple, Pulse blade and Holopilot.

    An example would be something like: "I want the body of the grapple, but with the helmet and Jump kit of the pulse blade". Those three things can be changed between each other, but not between the other categories, I mean, it would be weird to see a pilot using A-wall helmet with the body of stim, that's what I'm going for, They must be compatible in some way.

    That would be practically my idea. It would be great if they put it for this game, as this would have more variety of views towards the pilots besides the camouflage and would feel more "unique" pilots.

    Thanks for reading and have a nice day.
    December 2017
  • Strelok_1284
    Hello Jayfresh, I hope you are well. I've asked for this before : would it be possible to have SOLO frontier defense working offline without an internet connection ?

    I don't have the luxury of a reliable, rock solid connection and often find myself offline and unable to play. ( Unfortunately this is the best connection that I can get where I live, and the situation is unlikely to improve anytime soon - as long as they're the sole ISP with no competition, they can do as they please).

    Anyway, given that Titanfall 3 is on the horizon, and support for Titanfall 2 will be slowly phased out could you please add offline support ?

    Could you please include this feature from the start in Titanfall 3 ? Offline solo frontier defense can give us endless hours of SP fun outside the main campaign ( assuming there is one).

    Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving !
    November 2017
    • Jayfresh_Respawn
      Hey! Happy Thanksgiving to you too. Hope it was awesome.

      Totally hear you on this. It's not something we would do for Titanfall 2, creating an offline version of Frontier Defense would be a lot of work that's just not feasible but I'll pass feedback along to the team to think about for the future. Thanks!
    • Strelok_1284
      Thank you very much for your answer. Looking forward to the future. Given my situation, I would gladly pay a premium to have a solo OFFLINE frontier defense mode for Titanfall 3. I can pay it even right now to support its development if there would be such a possibility.

      It would make the game so much more enjoyable for me. Not having to wonder if I can play when I get home from work because my internet is down again would be awesome.

      Don't get me wrong, I still very much prefer playing online with people when it's possible but having something like an offline frontier defense would be just that much better. It doesn't even need to award me experience or anything.

      I played the Titanfall 2 campaign offline over six times during my connection down times. Thank you so much for allowing this option in Titanfall 2. You have no idea just how much it meant to me.
    • Strelok_1284
      Also, please don't change the way you do micro-transactions. I haven't seen a game that is more fair both in attitude and pricing with their optional content. Hats off to whoever thought about the system. It's the only game where you couldn't wait for the next prime titan to be available for purchase.

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