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  • SkooLBoY_SkePtiK
    This glitch needs to be fixed. I can't continue to play while it can be exploited so frequently.
    September 2
  • LordHerobrine568
    Any info about Tone and Ronin Prime's Nose Arts?
    August 28
  • xxledonxx
    Just one question..

    Free for all will someday come to private matches ?

    : /
    August 26
  • Freedomforclones
    It would be awesome if there was a boss titan added in the third game. A taller and far more powerful version that could require multiple titans to take down. I had an idea it could be called a colossus which is twice the size of a regular titan and way more deadly.
    August 24
  • OdysseyHome
    Hi @Jayfresh_Respawn

    Can you pass on this thread to the team:


    I find the discussion I've had with the poster is a good insight into the conflicting perceptions people have about the use of Ronin's sword core. It would be an interesting read.

    Summary: people are of the unshakable belief that ronin is a warrior, rather than a rouge.
    August 22
  • Freedomforclones
    I love embarking into a titan, and i think in titanfall 3 they should have the option for settings for embarking in 1st person like in titanfall 1 or in 3rd person like in titanfall 2
    August 20
  • SkooLBoY_SkePtiK
    Ronin's sword block Nerf was not enough.

    To make this concrete, consider this example:

    If I hit a Ronin critical zone with a full charge plasma rail gun, I'll do 3075 damage to the Ronin.

    Pre-FD patch, if I hit a Ronin critical zone with a full charge plasma rail gun while its blocking, I'll do 768 damage to the Ronin. 2307 damage mitigated.

    Post-FD patch, if I hit a Ronin critical zone with a full charge plasma rail gun while its blocking, I'll do 922 damage to the Ronin. 2153 damage mitigated.

    Change in damage mitigated 2307 > 2153 = 6.67% less damage mitigated

    Conclusion: Insignificant Nerf

    If you still don't understand: Consider if sword block mitigated 99% of all damage. If you Nerf it to 97%, that would be 200% more damage taken, but it would only be a 2.02% difference in damage mitigated.

    The Ronin should at maximum mitigate 60% damage, which would be just low enough to allow it to be destroyed by a point blank nuke from full health while sword blocking.
    August 17
  • Freedomforclones
    In Titanfall 3 it would be so cool to have a machinima feature for creating movies and recording game clips similar to halo's forge feature. It would be a fun addition to titanfall 3 and help the community become more creative and active. I've always wanted to make little movies similar to how respawn makes their trailers for the monthly dlc
    August 12
  • Freedomforclones
    One of the best features of the halo games is the forge custom game mode, allowing players to create their own levels, maps, and matches however they want. If titanfall 3 had a feature similar to this alongside its parkour game mechanics players could go wild with possibilities, they could create their own wall parkour routes, obstacle courses, crazy maps where the player creates many of the best routes for wall-running. And since the pilot can run on most everything in the game it would be awesome to include a feature like this.
    August 12
  • Freedomforclones
    Respawn please make capture the flag live fire a permanent game mode similar to titan brawl i love it!
    August 12
  • Freedomforclones
    I think that frontier defense is one of the best game modes for tf2 right now but i still think it has more potential.
    Imagine after each wave you could now purchase AI units for your team of 4 pilots like grunts, reapers, stalkers, and specters. It would make the battles even more epic in scale if you purchase your own squads and reinforcements.
    how it could work in terms of commands:
    In terms of defense the squad or AI unit you purchased could stay behind near the harvester to defend it.
    In terms of offense the squad or AI unit could follow the person who bought the squad or any of the 4 pilots as backup.
    1 tick swarm 50 credits
    1 grunt squad 100 credits
    1 drone swarm 200 credits
    1 mortar specter squad 300 credits
    1 stalker squad 500 credits
    1 reaper squad 1000 credits
    1 Allied AI titan 1500 credits
    Also there could be some more additions and special abilities to the bank that would be good for this mode.
    Smart pistol 600 credits
    Orbital strike 1000 credits
    Bubble shield 650 credits
    Anti titan turret 500 credits
    August 12
  • Freedomforclones
    Currently I think we can agree in the community that the hard cover boost is, pretty much dead along side phase rewind.
    While i don't currently know how respawn can fix the phase rewind right now, i think i have an idea for the hard cover boost. Right now it feels too similar to the A-wall ability except that its just blue. I think that if it was made into a dome or bubble shield it would differentiate it from the hard cover. It would be able to protect you and your teammates from all sides unlike the regular A-wall and it could last a bit longer for the pilot using it. This could be really useful because often even when i have a A-wall up i can still get killed from behind or by a titan if they manage to get the right angle. I think respawn could change the hard cover into a dome shield since they have already made one before for the titans with dome shield, just make it smaller for pilots. of course a titan can still punch right through the shield if they use it on the ground but if they are high above the pilot could be a deadly enemy to any titan or pilot in its path.
    August 12
  • SkooLBoY_SkePtiK
    Tell the "team" to give sword block a fuel bar, like scorch and Ion shields. Titan gameplay will not be balanced until this is done.

    Also, arc wave is doing too much damage to Tone's particle wall.

    Thank you. Have a good day, sir.
    August 6
    The story is that frontier defence trailer wats the last dlc. Can you confirm. I hope not as I would love to se deadly ground make a return. And mor modes that are in the list not just added once in a blue moon. Its all over the net that it was the last dlc and support has stopped. Please say its not true
    August 6
  • AnibuLeo
    To expand maybe add a fastball feature for friendly pilot on the hill of titans
    August 3
  • iMalaz
    Hello Respawn!! Do some tournament for more popularity :s
    August 1
  • iMalaz
    Hello Jayfresh! i'd say to Respawn you just killed the TF2 with the last DLC update "frontier defense"!! no one playing multiplayer now!!! i'm waiting 10 minut between every game.
    we need modes like CTF nitro , marked to death, free agents.PLEASE.
    TF2 is not just for defense.
    thank you.
    July 31
  • Strelok_1284
    Please consider doing a solo offline survival mode vs waves of AI on the existing MP maps.

    I would enjoy that very much and it would add even more depth to the existing SP experience.

    You already have the main pieces of the puzzle, namely:

    - the MP maps ( they're as rich in details and atmosphere as their SP counterparts, they would fit this purpose wonderfully)

    - the grunt / spectre / reaper / enemy titan / enemy titan boss AIs

    You would need to make it configurable: let us choose the map, the pilot/loadout/titan and most importantly the number of waves and the difficulty (difficulty scaling can be identical to the one in campaign, not to sink any time in modifying the AI).

    And please, please make it run offline / locally without internet like you did with the SP. My connection quality varies a lot and the offline SP was a blessing!

    Thank you for your continued support and for a masterpiece of a game!
    April 25
    • Strelok_1284
      Jay, would you at least consider this idea ? Is it so far off-course with respect to the development direction Respawn wants to pursue ? I see it as a way to greatly improve ALSO the solo experience in TF 2 besides the campaign.
    • Strelok_1284
      OK, so the fact that I didn't receive an answer in almost 1 month tells me you don't agree with my proposal. Are there any other plans to enhance the single player experience ?
    • Jayfresh_Respawn
      Hey sorry. I get lots of messages and ideas for feedback and can't respond to them all. We're looking at lots of ideas for how to expand on the game. I can't talk about anything that's in development. Thanks for the feedback! Those are good ideas.
    • DeadChaoss
      Survival mode will be cool but with online option as well.
    • Strelok_1284
      Thank you very much Jayfresh! I wish you a wonderful week-end !
    • Purifier217
      Yes Yes Yes !! more offline content please!! I have a data limit because I live out in the country and playing online really eats it up
    • 0mali
      i do like the game but why is it that this game always ALWAYS takes 1 step forward and 5 steps backwards? just curious.
    • 7049330
      Will the buffalo wings ion nose art he added to Titanfall 2 via advocate gifts like the other promo items? I don't understand why they were all added except for that one.
    • 7049330
      Thanks if you answer
    • 7049330
    • 7049330
      Is it in the game already? I know how rare those nose arts are from advocate gifts, but thanks Respawn for fixing the drops! But is it in the game at the moment?
  • jautja
    July 28
  • AnimeIsForWeebs
    will the last resort faction able for purchase via factions in a future update for multiplayer?
    July 26
  • usmcvasquez
    1st off, I love the game and the regular updates. Thank you so much. I just feel like scorch could be buffed a little more maybe a faster reload or a double shot for the thermite launcher. The fire shield at full power can barely block a core attack from other titans.
    July 25
  • LordHerobrine568
    Hyped for Operation Frontier Shield! Just one question. In the patch notes, it said "Fixed issues with purchasable Nose Arts not showing up correctly on Titans.". Does this mean that Tone and Ronin's Nose Arts are fixed on their Prime models?
    July 25
  • iMalaz
    Hello Jayfresh!!! thank you for the mode "CTF NITRO" the best mode ever in TF2, please keep it for always please
    July 23

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