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  • DoAsianssink
    Oh ya sure lets buff R201 and nerf the **** DMR (cause that totally needed it) and ya while we are at it let's nerf ion how about you guys stop trying to kill the game and make **** **** noob R201 campers and G2 noobs stop by needing their precious guns
    May 27
  • Brahmin84
    Hey Jay,

    Awesome dog. Can you roll back whatever is causing the DX Error below. I'm at my wits end after:
    - underclocking the GPU
    - disabling startup programs through msconfig and task manager
    - removing all amd drivers and files using DDU, re-installing the latest amd gpu driver 17.5.2
    - and re-installing Titanfall 2 through Origin

    DX error ("The application's device failed due to badly formed commands sent by the application. This is a design-time issue that should be investigated and fixed.")

    - XFX r9 280 3gb GPU,
    - i5-3570k CPU
    - 8 GB Memory
    - Windows 10 Home Premium
    - Origin installed on C:\program files (x86)\
    - Titanfall 2 installed on separate hard drive G:\Origins\Titanfall2

    This error has been popping up since the colony update. All video settings are set to low or disabled. I should be able to run the game on Med to high with no issue. No other game I play, e.g. GTAV, or benchmarking program, e.g. Heaven, has any issues.

    Thank you for any help you can give.
    May 24
  • Ceyly
    Hey sorry. I get lots of messages and ideas for feedback and can't respond to them all. We're looking at lots of ideas for how to expand on the game. I can't talk about anything that's in development. Thanks for the feedback! Those are good ideas.

    I have a honest question. Let me post my last thread towards it first: https://forums.titanfall.com/en-us/discussion/12379/game-crashing-to-desktop-also-starting-in-windowed-mode#latest

    Just one question. Will we ever get a response? There are hundres if not thousands of players having problems, most of them seeminlgy with AMD graphic cards. I´m done with this game. I love it so much, yet i can´t play it without at least 1 crash per hour.. This bug as well as windowed mode start exists since RELEASE. And since release i´m waiting for answers.
    About to finally give it up and demand a refund...
    May 23
  • Strelok_1284
    Please consider doing a solo offline survival mode vs waves of AI on the existing MP maps.

    I would enjoy that very much and it would add even more depth to the existing SP experience.

    You already have the main pieces of the puzzle, namely:

    - the MP maps ( they're as rich in details and atmosphere as their SP counterparts, they would fit this purpose wonderfully)

    - the grunt / spectre / reaper / enemy titan / enemy titan boss AIs

    You would need to make it configurable: let us choose the map, the pilot/loadout/titan and most importantly the number of waves and the difficulty (difficulty scaling can be identical to the one in campaign, not to sink any time in modifying the AI).

    And please, please make it run offline / locally without internet like you did with the SP. My connection quality varies a lot and the offline SP was a blessing!

    Thank you for your continued support and for a masterpiece of a game!
    April 25
    • Strelok_1284
      Jay, would you at least consider this idea ? Is it so far off-course with respect to the development direction Respawn wants to pursue ? I see it as a way to greatly improve ALSO the solo experience in TF 2 besides the campaign.
    • Strelok_1284
      OK, so the fact that I didn't receive an answer in almost 1 month tells me you don't agree with my proposal. Are there any other plans to enhance the single player experience ?
    • Jayfresh_Respawn
      Hey sorry. I get lots of messages and ideas for feedback and can't respond to them all. We're looking at lots of ideas for how to expand on the game. I can't talk about anything that's in development. Thanks for the feedback! Those are good ideas.
    • DeadChaoss
      Survival mode will be cool but with online option as well.
    • Strelok_1284
      Thank you very much Jayfresh! I wish you a wonderful week-end !
    • Purifier217
      Yes Yes Yes !! more offline content please!! I have a data limit because I live out in the country and playing online really eats it up
  • Purifier217
    Please come out with an update to censor the blood! is it that hard to do? Several people want this update and I think you would sell a lot more copies if this was done
    May 10
    • Aimbot_user
      You already can on PC by turning off impact marks.
    • Purifier217
      wow that's great! Then it shouldn't be that hard to do that for Ps4 and Xbox One
  • MeFirstThenYou
  • Kriminaliti
    Hello) is there any plans to add a vote for choosing a map?
    May 19
  • 18itoth
    Titanfall 2 on xbox one has a known bug with the ricochet bullets for the Kraber.

    The bullet trail animation is not the same as the bullet's position.

    I have tested this in live fire with a friend and after richocheting the bullet off of surfaces, the bullet trail appeared to be moving THROUGH thick and thin objects such as crates, walls, and platforms. After instructing my friend to stand in front of the bullet trail, the bullet trail did not damage my friend, as the bullet's position is seperate from the bullet trail.

    What had happened was that my point of view of the bullet was different from that of my friend's point of view. In my point of view, the kraber bullet had been shot up at the cieling, ricoched off of the ground and back up to hit him. But what my friend saw was a bullet being shot through a crate and bounce up to hit him. While they both had the same final position the position of the bullet and the posiion of the bullet trail were completely seperate
    May 14
  • semifire56
    Hi, can custom AI voice make a come back? Or is that out of the way?
    May 1
  • StarkTech101
    You closed a Petition Thread for asking for Titan Brawl to be made a permanent option for playable game mode. How else as a player do we as a community show the developer and stewards of the game we love.. what we want to play? Check out Bungie's forums.. tons of Petition threads. If you have another way we can communicate our wishes.. steer me to the proper format. Love the game.. Especially the Titan game modes. You have Pilots vs Pilots. Why not the same for titans? If I wanted to play a 1st person shooter.. there's dozen of games out there. Embrace the Titan.. it's what makes the game special.
    May 9
    • Mikez878
      I would definitely start a petition thread for Wingman LTS!
    • Jayfresh_Respawn
      Best thing to do is to post your feedback just like you have. Petitions on forums are not data and that's not going to steer direction. If you want to start a thread saying that you want it to be a permanent mode and why that's totally fine.
  • John_Snow3131

    I don't know if I am beating a dead horse or not but Titan Brawl needs to be permanent. I have 15 days of game time and it is pretty much the only game I play. All my friends love it and can tell it was a hit. Please let the powers at be know this needs to be permanent asap. I know it is returning and everything but seriously, it is a very good mode.


    May 9
    • CrazyLop53
      I can not agree you anymore. I love titan brawl more than LTS mode. Me and my brother spent a lot of time on this game mode. Once it done, we did not turn the game on since now.
  • PilotEnvy
    Good job appointing people that ban people for pushing back against hostility
    May 11
  • KamilTorres33
    Can you add new sniper rifle that kills one shot to head and body, but not to legs and arms? Please, we have underpowered sniper rifles.
    May 7
  • AOD_TareK
    May 5
  • SkooLBoY_SkePtiK
    Is the glitch where Ronin takes no damage from rodeo if they phase dash as the battery is being pulled being looked into? Is this issue going to remain as a permanent part of the game?
    April 28
    • Jayfresh_Respawn
      I'm sending it to the team but don't have an answer yet on whether that's staying or not.
    • SkooLBoY_SkePtiK
      Thank you.
    • davidmahg
      What's worse is that the enemy can jump out and take the battery from you, granting themselves a shield without losing any health.
  • TOKBeats
    Hello, do you have any justification that the prizes received previously were not accumulated? This does not motivate anyone to play, I want to be rewarded for my effort to get all the black camouflages. I am dissatisfied, at the launch of angel city minimized with gifts. Do you have any official notes or anything?
    April 26
  • Ghalexsee
    Do you know what time the DLC will be released today
    April 25
  • Shifty_pwrs101
    Is there a way, or an expectation to introduce, stat suspension? Not to disable the overall tracking, obviously, but a suspension of stat application to your progress.

    The reason I ask isn't necessarily that I would prefer to game my own stats, but that some modes are not compatible with the two overall statistics categories you use (K/D ratio overall, and K/D ratio against other players).

    Example: LTS is fun, but absolutely tanks your stats if you are having a bad run. And, because it isn't a heavily-played mode (at least in my experience), you sometimes start mid-match and are unlikely to win. That isn't an issue, as such, but it certainly dissuades me from playing game modes that I feel inexperienced or disadvantaged in.

    I think it should be the player's prerogative as to whether the stats are actually applied. Want to go on a live fire run, but aren't quite sure how it works yet? Turn off stat application. You could even indicate the 'gap' with a dashed line. Just a thought!
    April 25
  • Mahno781
    Hi. Wrote to several subjects, but nobody answered (sorry, I write through the translator). I want to ask you, can you will answer:
    Are there any plans to integrate support for the software from NVidia "API Vulkan"?
    April 25
  • Bturc0tt3
    Did nothing come of the nose art issue you sent to development?
    April 25
    • Jayfresh_Respawn
      I don't have ETA on a fix yet however QA did confirm with me that there is something off with how it's done so you were right to flag it. We're still investigating and I'll post an update when a fix is coming. Thanks for your patience!
  • vondafones
    Any idea what time dlc released jay for uk time? Dieing to increase gen 10 on it for last 2 months. Plus got work in the morning at 7am
    Kind regards
    April 25
  • HaKNoT
    where is the dlc???!!!!
    April 25
  • HaKNoT
    ou est la maj??????!!!!!!!
    April 25
  • MaxBEEF
    Sorry to go this way, but there is no response from anyone on the board. Is there anyone working on fixing the CTD's ater the Colony update? Feels like we're left out here. Game was fun while it lasted, but it's become unplayable crashing every other game now. If not a direct fix, some response would be polite.
    April 24
  • Rasp1987
    Верните деньги за игру, уже просто нет сил от ваших кривых обновлений, а с последним постоянные вылеты с ошибкой, хотя на других играх такого нет! Или исправляйте или возвращайте деньги, я платил за нормальный продукт,а не кусок ошибок и не дороботок! Ошибка по DXGI и все драйвера обновлены и игру переустанавливал,это ваша ошибка,ошибка в игре!
    April 24
  • -Owm-
    Hello Jay.
    My name is A. Owm Viscore, but as others call me , Owm.
    For almost a week I am trying to solve an in-game "mystery" co-created by Respawn. Let me explain the "myster-ish problem" I found in game. I know you can't change something in game, but you can maybe give me an answer for a theory. As you know, our networks in game have Tags, and tags must be at least 3 characters long. I got it, it is a rule. But then I found some network without any network tags. They have a name and that's all. So I'd like to know, if it is a bug, is it a privilege give to some tech test networks or am I a **** coder who can't paste whitespace characters in the tag field to skip the tagging part. I tried almost everything, even sent a request to the network creator to ask him how did he managed to make a network without a tag. (he's not playing anymore)
    Can you please reply with a relevant answer ? Just don't ask me to send a report or contact a support because I did it and got nothing.
    April 19
  • st738
    overwatch not only bans cheaters permanently it identifies theyre computers so they buy another game it still wont work. they have the strength respawn lacks, and half the people cheat cuz u have to to stay competitive. i wont because i am a man and i just dont play anymore and wont buy titanfall 3. also they took out all the fun stuff like blowing up your titan, custimizing it your way, the shart pistol... and charging me for skins and prime titans is greedy and **** when i paid extra for all that, and maps from titanfall 2 is **** i am bored of them respawn is lazy, but mainly its the gutless pussies at respawn who lack the strength of overwatch to penalize cheaters. your karma for being such punks will soon come home to u exploitative douchetards and that i would pay to see but not one more dime for one of your **** cheaterfests
    April 17
  • ThaMajickWan
    whats up man, I was on my DonArrington account chatting in the lobby today, I had not even played a match and I got kicked by fairfight, is there something going on with updating or something?
    April 17
  • ButterzLStotch85
    You can't even make an attempt to respond via PM? You just kill the thread with some **** excuse? The fact you were commenting to someone else is irrelevant to the questions I brought up about the direction of this game.

    Answer me why anyone would reasonably expect content that failed to maintain a player base in 2014 to make any sort of meaningful difference in 2017? Can you think of even one single defensible reason for this route if the intent was to maintain users?

    I'm sure you'll probably just ignore this, or even ban me rather than have to answer... but at this point it means little. Your game has under 10k players on a free weekend on PS4, the developers inaction speaks for itself.
    April 2
    • Jayfresh_Respawn
      I apologize I wasn't trying to blow you off. Because I was just giving my personal perspective on other examples of cool things games do to sustain I wanted to make that clear. If you would like to see event have other ideas for in-game stuff or things other games do that you think work for Titanfall then it's more helpful to share that.

      I think the Featured Mode button we have now for example has a lot of opportunity to experiment and provide some limited time game events in the future.
    • RaymondFlawless
      What kind of rant is that? Your upset they made a sequel? Stop being so offended that people made a great game.. go yell at the wall, maybe it will listen to you cus no one else wants to. I love TF2 and happy they made the game...don't like it? don't play it.
  • AbC7181a2475142
    I have to admit when I signed up for the seasons pass because I enjoyed the first Titanfall so much when Angel City and colony was the DLC content that I got when I bought the season pass and I would be asked to pay for extra skins and Prime Titans I'm really disappointed I do very much enjoy the game please put in the work to make it fresh otherwise it feels like a scam.
    April 7
    • Hrafn-Fel
      There is no season pass. If you paid extra for a season pass you need to take it up with the place you bought the game. Its not respawns fault if you fell for a scam where you bought the game.
    • RaymondFlawless
      Yea... there is no Paid for DLC. My only thought is that you paid extra for the Angel City pack but that was only to play it early. TF is awesome like that they dont want to split up the gaming community by making DLC something you have to buy. HRAFN-Fel is rig
      ht...the person who sold you the game scammed you. Bummer.

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