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Jayfresh_Respawn Community Manager


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    I would like to tell you I appreciate the hard work you do for the Titan fall community, this is an amazing game, and it deserves more love. I am glad that when people need help you are there to do it.
    March 24
  • PsHYcho1337
    Sir , please help me about this .. i am still unable to download this ..

    March 22
  • OdysseyHome
    Hi Jay,

    I made a post about if it's possible about getting an option to reset the variable scope zoom level upon ADS exit. I've been really impressed with Respawn's post-patch settings updates and if such an option could be easily added I'd be a really happy seal. In lieu of a suggestion box I'd though I add a comment here encase the post's unpopularity or low priority to people makes it disappear. I really like sniping in Titanfall 2 and such a option would make it even more enjoyable.

    The post link is:


    March 21
  • Terminusr606
    Hi Jayfresh I hate to be the bearer of bad news on store and objects front I now have lost access to my prime titan skins that I got for pre-ordering along with all those bonuses and also have have skins that I bought in the store taken from me as well I have screenshots for evidence for at least my northstar having the green siren on it but I can't show you my pre-order skins prime titans or otherwise I left a thread in bugs for you to read you might want to read to get a better idea.
    March 21
    • Jayfresh_Respawn
      Hey sorry to hear that. Could you send me link to your bug report?
    • Jayfresh_Respawn
      Also would need your username and platform you play on
  • gfierro96
    Hi Jayfresh I am experiencing problems with the in game store on ps4 i am trying to purchase but every time i click buy i am stuck on the please wait screen
    March 20
    Will we be seeing Skirmish mode again? Hope so.
    March 18
  • gfierro96
    Hey Jayfresh when is the colony dlc gonna drop?
    March 16
    Today in EVERY game I played we had a "freeze" in play and several times it just took us out with "Lost Connection" message. This has been very frustrating and I hope you can fix it soon. Thank you.
    March 9
  • ItsLordMe
    Sorry to bother you directly but I literaly can't find how to make a post on this forum anywhere. I've a bug to report, one thats anoying me quite a bit and I cant post in on here because I cant figure out how, and the awnsers.ea.com doesent seem to work. How can I report this bug, or shall I just say it here?
    March 6
    • ItsLordMe
      nevermind. Its the curb check execution bug, just saw I'm not the only one with the bug and I doubt that will get fixed. Its just anoying because it always tells me that Ive got something new unlocked
  • DimoxaStone
    Am i gonna got banned for using extreme injector (only way to play tf2 on dual core processor) in multiplayer\single player?
    March 4
    I am really frustrated with all this Pilot vs Pilot focus. It looks like we will soon have 6 pilot only modes! This is Titanfall not Pilotfall... if I wanted to play games like this I would have stayed with COD.
    I believe Respawn has lost its focus and is selling out to the "COD" type community. I understand the need to build your community but there are much better ways to do that - certainly better than dropping the price; after 50 years in marketing I couldn't believe you would take such a desperate action - this is like the last breath of a dying man, willing to sell his soul to survive!
    Your focus should be on creating new Maps and not simply recycling, opening the Regen cap and with some new challenges and meaningful perks (the redundant patches and banners are a joke).
    I love this game and TF1 and hate what you are doing, I know I am not alone and unless something changes soon a lot of your community is just going to quit the frontier.
    Please get back on track!
    March 2
  • Stalking_Wolf_77
    TEXTURE STREAMING in Options menu are you guys CRAZY 2GB VRAM used to play it on very high with the other options on very high res(720p - laptop + 30 rendering scale options) now i cant even play it on LOW textures streaming game has awful performance cant play it. what the f**k is going on here i used to have 40-50 FPS before
    March 2
  • MajorRho
    I will ask you only one question - any info about suppressors for main weapons in colony patch?
    February 27
  • Zombiefreakinc
    HI I cant play I start the app get to the menu and says profile unable to play then it FREEZES please help email zombiefreakincorporated@gmail.com
    February 27
  • VbloodislifeV
    In terms of the new update the balance changes are horrible. I take it that you guys don't do any play testing in house do you?
    February 27
  • KDeimos89
    Hello Jayfresh.

    So the new Live Fire update is out and i was kinda impressed about the technical fixes and tweaks for the PC. First of all: THANK YOU, THANK YOU very much you listended to us and added a film grain slider. It is the most annoying thing to have in a video game, at least in my oppinion. I prefer crystal clear image without this cinematic **** like film grain or chromatic abberation.

    Also a very interesting thing is that you add a higher option for the "model detail" and a "model draw distance" option. I would like to ask if there is a real visual difference between "high" and "very high" on the model detail and how much fps does that cost actually.

    For the draw distance model, which "value" had it before you added this option? Is it comparable to "normal" or rather "high" or even "very high"? What exactly gets rendered even in the far distance and what does that cost on performance?

    Thanks in advance for a reply. :)
    February 26
  • MateuszG87
    In polish language version I cant read all statistic with time of game because text is so long and go out of frame (i have screen if You want).
    Any chance for fix it?
    February 25
  • Rank22
    Why is Skirmish not a option on Mixtape?????? Basically it's not a new match making system cause all these options were available to choose out side mixtape. What ever my "heart desires" is a miss leading comment in the patch notes. Fix this or I'm done with titanfall, if I wanted to play pilot vs pilot I would have bought Call of Duty.
    February 24
  • hup111
    Where is Angel city map after the new update?
    February 24
  • GaloBra
    Hello there!

    Still no fixes for the server in SP? Lot's of players in Brazil but due to a problem where the servers have 0 players all the time, we have to play on US servers, with a huge lag.
    February 24
  • MajFireStorm
    Has pilot sprint speed been reduced/glitched. Seems like not everyone is noticing this issue. I thought my keybinding was broken but normal/sprint both worked, just at a significant reduction. In normal jumps from building to building [pre-Life Fire] I had no issues, but now I can't make those jumps, even with jump assist it seems.
    February 23
  • death_slayer_01
    I installed the live fire update on my ps4 and now it freezes at the title screen and it wont work at all. HELP
    February 23
  • Hawkstyle88
    I installed update but only get "No servers found" when I try to log into multiplayer on Xbox One
    February 23
  • aurgelmer
    After todays update on xboxone i cant connect only get the message no servers found
    February 23
  • wagner4362
    Hey Respawn. I would happy if the silencers for the primary weapons come back in this game. Thanks for read.
    February 22
    February 22
    Ola JAYFRESH uma coisa que estraga titanfall2 e aqueles REAPER . O coisa chata eles parecem aquelas crianças fominha . ele ficam na frente mesmo quando estao a favor do time . eles poluem o jogo fica tudo muito confuso com eles la . morri por causa de REAPER do meu propio time . fiquei meio que agarado nele . tinha q tira essa ****
    February 22
  • Strelok_1284
    Hello Jayfresh! Would Respawn consider making an OFFLINE available survival mode were you could fight alone vs waves of grunts/spectres/titans in one of the following updates ? I really enjoy the MP but it can be a sensory overload after a hard day at work, and I've already played the campaign 6 times. An offline survival mode would be of immense value to me, especially when I'm not at home with a good internet connection. Thank you for a wonderful game and for allowing us to play the campaign offline!
    February 21
    • Jayfresh_Respawn
      Hey! Thanks for the compliments.

      I hear you! I enjoy those modes too. Nothing to talk about unfortunately.
  • iMalaz
    Hello Respawn!! you did very good work to doing Titanfall 2 and thank you for this!! but it cannot be perfect if you don't delete **** Attrition mode!! it's the reason that there are not enough players in the game!! this mode is not serious!! please listen to your good fans :'(
    February 21
  • delloooz
    **** Attrition In Game so Bad .. Its Not game !! Its calamity .. I hope if titanfall Support removed )))
    February 21

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