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  • Player_dt647wt9
    From what I've read since EA bought respawn, titanfall 3 is going to happen. Can you tell me if they are even considering going more in the direction of titanfall 1 rather than 2? If they are considering titan customization?
    November 10
  • DiegoDan80
    Lol no evidence of Cheating? jayfresh are you blind? Solve the problem or give us back our money!
    September 30
    I'm stuck at home with no internet for at least two weeks. Times like these are when I start wishing there was more development towards offline multiplayer. I constantly have internet issues where I live, and it would be great to have some type of bot play, or even the ability to play with my kids in split screen. Titanfall is by far my favorite multiplayer game, but when the internet goes down I'm usually stuck playing a CoD training mode or skirmish on battlefront. I can't even get to the private beta to kill bots in bounty hunt or attrition because it requires internet. Is there any way this option could be added to offline? It's not the most challenging way to play, but at least it gives me some type of titanfall play when the internet goes out.
    September 25
  • KamilTorres33
    Dude, are you ever going to add new weapons to titanfall 2? There are so many requests for new weapons! Just look here https://forums.titanfall.com/enus/discussion/comment/99107#Comment_99107

    Please read that, and btw I got a request - A hitscan sniper rifle, bolt action, one-shots to head and body, but can't hipfire (so its not overpowered)
    September 24

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