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Strategy & Tactics For Bounty Hunt and Amped Hard Point?

Hi All,

Im strugling on Bounty Hunt and Amped.

Below are my difficulties

Bounty Hunt:
1.Which is the best thing to do? kill enemies pilot first or the bounty first? because I couldnt relax and focus on killing bounty with enemies still hanging around. Focus killing bounty, I got killed by pilots, focus on pilots I got less bounty.

2.I realize that if we failed to get TitanFall after 1st wave complete, it will be hard to gain huge point for the rest of the game

3.Any loadout recommendation for this game mode?

1.What is the best way to defend? best way to attack?

2.I usually see that the team that got Titan first has the biggest advantage. Usually they use the Titan in guard mode and left it on Point B. How to counter this?


  • OdysseyHome
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    BH1: Minions and bounties as first priority because killing and damaging them sends cash directly to team score; you then recieve an equivalent bonus that you can bank if you survive. Killing pilots sends no cash directly to team score and you only earn half of the bouns they currently hold. Best to kill pilots just before bank phase starts because they are likely fat with bonus.

    Trick is to use ordinance and melee to kill minions quickly as a pilot while staying off enemy radar. Silenced sidearms help with farming minions as well. Can then suprise enemies that way.

    BH2: I find most score is earned during minion phases while bounty phases allow for comebacks. So save titans for bounty phases. Trick to earning titans quickly is rodeos with ordinance and AT weapons and batteries for allies. People are bit scared to rodeo due the risk but can't learn if don't try.

    BH3: Cloak + Satchels + low profile helps with learning. Silenced side arm. I use snipers but could use any weapon you want. Assault chip titan like ion or scorch for minion farming phases.

    AH1: Control of B wins games so defending this base is good idea but can be tricky since can get surrounded. Want to cap B if you hold either A or C. If enemies are caping B you want to cap their A or C base the camp before capping B while they cap a or c.

    AH2: Rodeo and warpfall if possible.
  • L453R-634M
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    The Softball is super effective on the first wave of BH
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