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Magazine punches on Titans

Why does the Atlas and Ogre have magazine pouches with huge magazines? Magazines that I've never seen on any Titan weapon. Take a look at the pic, the Atlas carries 2 giant mag pouches. syqdg0frn9e4.jpg


  • jokerese
    4 postsPosts: 4
    Maybe it's because they might of had a secondary weapon during the alpha??? That or just purely for ascetic reasons?
  • TheMightyM0
    434 postsPosts: 457 ✭✭✭
    That was actually one of my favorite things aesthetically about the first Titanfall that I kiss about the second. Whether the magazine pouches were actually accurate to the weaponry in game or not, the practical side of having to have somewhere on the robot that spare ammunition would be carried was a really cool little detail that sold me on the designs of the titans. I hope they go back to the gritty and industrial aesthetic of the first game, because I preferred the muddy, oily, smoky mechanical look that the entire game had.
  • narrowband56K
    255 postsPosts: 274 ✭✭✭
    Supplies for friendly troops, the way tanks carry supplies for allies
  • gamephilos
    37 postsPosts: 38
    Robot beer?!
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