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Problems finding games with a party

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Since three weeks my team and I are having problems finding games on the following servers: Amsterdam, Belgium, Frankfurt, London or any EU server for that matter. Searching for a game goes on and on sometimes we are waiting more than 7 minutes? What is wrong?


  • Kriminaliti
    25 postsPosts: 31
    Yes, there is such a problem, a very long search :(

  • kiraxyx
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    edited July 2017
    It is insane and makes the Game almost unplayable, 3 weeks ago we never ever faced this problem.
  • Saku00_ITA
    1 postsPosts: 1
    Same problem here!
  • We are also having this problem. I can get game after game even late night by myself but with a team it's awful. We have to just get off
  • I really like this game and I want to play it everyday but now everytime I try to get on after work at night it just keeps searching I never can get into a mode online.
  • Jonny_ChaosMCR
    32 postsPosts: 47
    I just signed in to post the same thing? I've been waiting half an hour for a game of pilots VS pilots. I just wanted a short break from Battlefield 1 but it looks like this game isn't going to provide that.
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