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  • getmused
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    @rock1m1 thanks and great stuff. Not sure if you can answer this but why would the game seem to play great for a week or so then play bad for a week or so?

    Also does it matter what data center we choose? I do know we want to choose the lowest ping that's provided on the main page of TF but what or why do they change. (Meaning the week things are good I show my usual centers but the week the game plays wonky my centers are slightly different). So do you use the "usual centers"or the lowest ping?
  • rock1m1
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    @getmused According to the server engineer, the game uses a wide vareity of services for it's servers. Some include Google CE, some Amazon AWS while others use EA's own servers. Probably you have a bad connection to one or two of these services and this is when lag occurs. Even though you chose the right server from the Data center, it usually is just the starting point it and so if no players are detected, it will move to a different server within the same region.

    As far as ping change. TF2 is the only game I play where my data center connection reports 67ms, while ingame jumps from 170ms to 350ms. You can try to check on different servers and see if the ping is stable, even if it reports high from the data center.
  • elimicky
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    I'm from Amsterdam and lagging like crazy for the last few days. ping is highly unstable, and goes up to 1000 at times( every few seconds)
  • Balchad
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    Hi, here in california. Huge ping problem. almost unplayable at times. Goes from 60-80- and jumps to over 100 when every i get into a fight with other pilots. Lost almost every melee and shoot out. This problem only happens on TF2 and nowhere else. Please, I really want to play without problems.
  • Hello, im in Arizona on the Salt Lake City server and my ping shows 45 on main screen, but when im in game it spikes to well over 100~300+. Ive worked with my ISP and we have not figured out why my latency is so high, believe its a server issue. Thanks
  • HurtMaker3 wrote: »
    I live in dallas
    Using the dallas data center (i live like 5 miles away from data center)
    Using fios with cat6 ethernet hard line to xbox at 150/150 mbps
    Im usually pinging 16ish and lately have been pining 60+ with spikes of 500+

    I live in New Zealand I have to use dalas because I get better ping than if I did use Australian servers . I usally get around 190-200 and with lag spikes 300 . We have fiber so its very fast . I think they down graded the servers tbh and heres why https://titanfall.cf/status/r2
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