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Pls fix the lag

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Ive had a horrible playing experience so far today can u please do something


  • D6622054
    2 postsPosts: 3
    Game lag today, pretty bad
  • Theworldo21
    1 postsPosts: 1
    Same on the european servers and no answer so far. Really pro...
  • lavasandwich
    15 postsPosts: 15
    Today was the worst. Also ping spikes from 80-2000
  • Vitaly_Away
    2 postsPosts: 4
    The same issue every time I play.
    While browsing servers - the ping is about 60 ms. When the match starts it jumps up to 250-350 ms. Sometimes server change helps for one or two matches. But than again ping rises up.
    Definitely my favourite game. But its just impossible to play with such a high delay.
    Location - Russia. Moscow. Servers: Amsterdam,Frankfurt,Belgium. Platform: PS4.
  • lavasandwich
    15 postsPosts: 15
    Playing right now. Northern California. Just awful
  • lavasandwich
    15 postsPosts: 15
    Im going to complain every single day this happens now until the issue is resolved.
  • SlayerKrell
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    Im going to complain every single day this happens now until the issue is resolved.

    Sure - complain. So far 7 months of complaining hasn't done a whole lot.
  • lavasandwich
    15 postsPosts: 15
    Oops, missed yesterday but yes there was lag! And today...forget about it. Time after time, game after game, freezing and lagging and server timed out stopping the game then when I re-enter attrition it puts me back in the same game with the same problems. Where'd the folks at Titanfall go? Too busy with all your new projects???
  • lavasandwich
    15 postsPosts: 15
    Lag again. Happens a lot when Im engaged in combat. Still having the problem with running out of a doorway then suddenly being right back inside the building but running into the wall next to the door.
  • lavasandwich
    15 postsPosts: 15
    All the lag all the time...hey Titanfall staff...hey **** for ignoring the people that pay your bills
  • lavasandwich
    15 postsPosts: 15
    Yeah sure, bleep my words ya jerks
  • -Z1e4K1n1ght-
    1 postsPosts: 3
    I have probleems with this lag like from the moment when live fire update come up. I do use i5 3570K with GTX1070 and 120Mbit internet speed still at every test, resolution change or other graphical change does not matter....I STILL HAVE LAG! I am playing at europe server if it helps.
  • lavasandwich
    15 postsPosts: 15
    4:00pm Pacific time. LAG! Connection to server time out over and over and over and over and over and over and over....oh and did i mention LAG?!?
  • Robobit1
    16 postsPosts: 18
    lag lag lag lag :D
    when the game first came out, it was a bliss eventhough my ping was 130ms...everything worked fine.
    now with the same ping, I'm always getting slaughtered. Phase shift doesnt have any use anymore since 90% I died after phasing. With the most weapon nerfs, except G2, they do not have any more "kick" since the lag is present.
    I suspect after the live fire update, they have removed the lag compensation so it is pure connection based match. Players with less ping will have more advantages against players with higher pings.
  • thesleepingbat
    8 postsPosts: 9
    No, it's their **** servers! I have a 5 ms ping to the servers and that has never changed. The only thing that changed was my in-game lag, which went from 5-15 ms to now 60-100ms. IT'S GARBAGE!

    I can't stand how frustrating this game is now because it's not fair. Basic gameplay is suffering. This game is so deep, that any issues with lag have a major effect on playing well. Incomplete list of things that have gone wrong since live fire that three months of "patches" have not fixed:

    -Conservatively, 30%-50% of my hits don't register anymore. This goes to 70% of the time if the target is moving quickly.

    -It's now a **** shoot if you want to time your jumps. Instead of propelling yourself across the map like you're supposed to, the server counts your jump at the wrong time and you end up floating in the middle of the battlefield as a sitting duck instead of gliding across the map.

    -The closer you get to another player, I noticed that the game slows me down like molasses, meaning that the other player has a huge advantage and usually can melee me, because you can't time lunges properly anymore, and the lag at 100ms is like a tenth of a second, more than enough for another player to consistently get the drop on you.

    I have thrown my controller in rage more times than I'm willing to admit. I'M SO FRUSTRATED BY THIS!!!!

  • TH3SHUR1F-Ben
    36 postsPosts: 37
    I was getting some pretty wicked lag last night as well. It was hangin' around 32ms most of the night; but around 3 AM, it spiked to 600+ms and rubber-banded between the low double digits to the high triples.
    Frustrating, to say the least. I restarted everything - including my router - and I have the best internet in the area...so I know it's the servers...
    You kill me, you're betta; I kill you, I like to think I'm betta.
  • Finglonga1
    17 postsPosts: 18
    Horrendous lag here in UK as well, sprinting is half the speed of a titan crouching and creeping along. Exit the match and it seems better for a game or two then lag returns. Overall though good update though.
  • lavasandwich
    15 postsPosts: 15

    Oh yeah guys we're gonna be so more involved now...and did we mention all the side projects we're working on like Star Wars! (Soooooo Played OUT)

    "Thesleepingbat" hit the nail on the head! Constantly getting killed from major lags. Some are so incredible its making me HATE Respawn. And yes, got better ping? Then guess who's gonna win!!!!
    I use the Oregon 1 lag center and live in northern California in Sacramento. Also Ronin will DIE with full health when phase dashing past titans, still having only the sound of the Arch missile launching but nothing comes out.
  • Benaiah916
    38 postsPosts: 38
    I understand your pain guys but they needed to fix important stuff like ion going "pew, pew" and the rediculously overpowered p2016. I'm assuming it's overpowered though I've never been killed by one on the ps4. Let them fix the important stuff first please.
  • lavasandwich
    15 postsPosts: 15
    Playing right now, Bounty Hunt, Boomtown,
    3:59PM- PST through 4:08PM, XBOX ONE,
    PING- from 60-1100
    Lag has been so bad my average kills per game went from 10-15 down to 2-5. Seems to be worse now since The Monarch update.
  • lavasandwich
    15 postsPosts: 15
    Oh wow that new Respawn game looks so fun!....but I'll pass cuz they the company has been LAGGING on their fan base.
    If the lag on Respawn's "new" Titanfall game is this bad without them commenting or addressing the problem (like promised so many moons ago) imagine what their new MP games will be like.
  • lavasandwich
    15 postsPosts: 15
    Today was it...Im done. Finished. Titanfall 2 is dead to me, including any future game released by Respawn.
    They lied to their consumers, like me
  • apotheos1s
    1 postsPosts: 1
    The game has been lagging incredibly bad for me since the Glitch update. I routinely get random latency spikes up to 400ping almost every match even though my data center should only have a ping of 40.

    This game has literally become unplayable for me.
  • Germinativum
    4 postsPosts: 8

    For myself in Asia, everyone gets sent to Tokyo. Something physical is getting messed up here, and they might just lose their entire Asia playerbase if they can't fix it soon.
  • obious3000
    1 postsPosts: 1
    I've built a new Win10 PC and it's been garbage ever since. I thought it's my new PC, but I suspect it's something to do with servers.

    Everyone: please post your OS, CPU, GPU, and region. It's really **** me off too that the lag renders the game unplayable, but If we just complain it resolve the problem. Maybe we can compile some data and find a pattern...

    OS: Win10 x64
    CPU: Intel i7 6900K
    GPU: Nvidia GF 1080
    RAM: 64 GB
    HDD: Intel SSD
    Command Line: -novid -high +mat_disable_bloom "1" +cl_showfps 1
    Region: Oregon 1,2,etc.
  • donoghu
    5 postsPosts: 5
    Usually, if your ping (displayed in the scoreboard during games) is 10 ping above than the Data-center you have selected in the main menu, this means you're forced to join another data-center due to something like not having enough players in your data-center when the "lobby" you're joining for the matchmaking doesn't find enough players available.

    This is how the matchmaking works:

    1) You press "Play" with different modes.
    2) You're set into an hidden lobby where the matchmaking search for other similar matchmaking.
    3) When another matchmaking is found, both are fused together. This, again, isn't visible yet.
    4) After all matchmaking in the current data-center have been found (which can be few depending on your timing), the search is extended into other data-center (automatically set based on distances) and your own matchmaking changes its target data-center location.
    5) The matchmaking add more players until it's ready.
    6) Match start in the matchmaking latest data-center registered... which usually is NOT the one you have originally selected.
    7) Your ping is now high because you're in a game on a server located far away.
    What they SHOULD have done is this:
    When a match is starting, there should be a ping test on ALL players with EVERY data-center set for EVERY players. So, if some are set with New York and other are set with Virgina 1 and/or 2, all players should have a ping test done with all 3 of those data-center. Then compare results and the one with the best result is selected.
    But that's not how it work right now. something like 60%-70% of the players I play with are set in the New York data-center... but we are always forced into a Virgina server which double or triple our ping while the 30%-40% remaining kick our butt all day-long.
    They should also allow the player (with an option) to force-search in their selected data-center. I want to play with low ping MORE than joining any available game faster regardless of its bad connectivity with my client. If I have to wait 5-8 mins for a good game with good connectivity... So be it!
  • SatansOnion
    5 postsPosts: 10
    Well they are looking at High TTK maybe they will look into the ping issue, I still love this game over 500 hours since October 28th thank you very much for the Giant Robots!
  • getmused
    1640 postsPosts: 1,674 ✭✭✭✭
    Nope not fixed. thanks @donoghu you give some really good insight.

    This is horrible, the game is trash now. The game isn't fun anymore. Thanks respawn. I also seem to notice "new" players tend to benefit from the "lag comp". Unreal.

    Again thanks
  • getmused
    1640 postsPosts: 1,674 ✭✭✭✭
    Thanks for the awesome whoever but yeah the game is still playing like ****. I see the most ridiculous **** every game. I've actually started hating the game. Easily one of my favorite games along with TF1. Again I will thank @donoghu for posting his insights into the data center bungle.

    Some may ask, "why do play still"? Bc destiny isn't out. Sure there were a "few" times the game lagged but nothing, nothing like this on a consistent basis.
  • Did this ever get figured out? I’m outside Chicago and it’s becoming aggravating with the lag. Thank you I’m playing on PS4.
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