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High ping on SEA servers

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edited February 2017
Hi Respawn, me and my friends are experiencing an increase on latency/ping for the past week. We live in SEA country and usually use Singapore servers. On the main menu, it shows 40-60 ms ping, but when we get into match, it jumps to steady 250-300 ms. Is there any recent changes on the servers, particularly for the Asian ones? Can you fix this?

EDIT: Before this, we get a good ping as low as 60 ms in-game and never more than 150-ish ms if we get matched with Eastern Asia players (Japan, Korea, etc.)


  • Hey man, another SG player here and facing the same problem. Very sure it's server side lag since it only started happening about a week ago. Latency used to be sub-100 now it's always above 200+ms. I posted feedback to this forum and also Titanfall reddit, but so far no response from the dev. You might want to chime in there to show them it's a widespread problem - some of the HK and Taiwan players have the same issues too.
  • Hi, I am also a SEA player, and as you can expect I have similar issue just like you guys. I typically play on Hongkong server and few weeks ago, the ping was below 70ms. Until recently, the ping suddenly spikes up arround 300+ms (sometimes 400+ms) which is almost unplayable. At first, I thought it was caused by my poor internet connection, then I found out that it actually wasn't after I bought a new internet adapter. I already tried to connect to different data center other than Hongkong, and as you might guess, the results are the same (until now which is February 28th). I tried to connect to Singapore, Taiwan, even Frankfurt which is far away from where I live, and I got the same results.

    One thing that I notice is that the game, somehow, connects me to players from outside Asia. I found that out after seeing many players talking non-Asian language in the chat, mostly German.
  • Then it looks to be a matchmaking issue..maybe all of a sudden they're not matching Asia players to the like and what not. I tried connecting to Oregon and Sydney and my ping is...exactly the same as the Singapore server.

    I started a reddit thread, maybe we can upvote and make some noise there too.

  • gr4v3m4n
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    hey, indonesian player here...same problem the worst thing is the last few days i've been getting steady 600 ping sometime spiking to 800, before its around 300-500 and before the server update been getting 50-100 but when i play in US and european servers i can get steady 250-300 so i played most of the time in those servers as it was more playable. the funny thing is not all the players experience this problem, i have meet some players who didn't have this problem. mostly filipinos...
  • RhetoricalQ
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    Is the high ping still happening for you all? I've tried playing it yesterday and there's still high game ping. (Singapore 1-3: 6ms, In game: 400-500+ms)
  • Robobit1
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    Wow...just wow.
    Not even a respond from respawn. I knew that they are understaffed but with no confirmation whatsoever, it is just bull. Literary we as Asian players do not have any support for this game and I noticed quite huge amount of dropout players. Before the patch, it was about 8000ish players and last night it was 5000ish players top!

    I'm guessing that this server problem is caused by the new matchmaking system which look for all of the modes you have selected.
  • RhetoricalQ
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    Holy **** I'm getting extremely frustrated trying to play on Frankfurt servers and dying because of lag. Have anybody tried contacting Respawn?
  • PathVector
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    Indonesian player here.
    Ping from main menu to singapore less than 30ms, in game more than 400ms.
    I try to VPN to malaysia and singapore, still no luck.
    Only occurs on Titanfall 2, other FPS games such as CS:GO, Overwatch, etc, just fine.
    It is confirmed that this problem occur on the server side.
    Try all singapore server, still the same, tokyo, hongkong, even iowa, it seems I getting paired up with the same players everytime.
    Please fix this, its been more than 2 weeks since Live Fire update causing this problem. How can I recommend this game to other people if I cant even enjoy the multiplayer anymore?
  • PathVector
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    Getting worse now, not only high ping, but the game keeps stuttering & disconnecting while in-game.
    I know in SEA the player count is low, maybe the developers decided to simply ignore our complains because it has a very minimum effect on them.
    Thanks Titanfall 2 team!
  • Sonariooo
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    Hi, russian player here. I have the same issue while playing on frankfurt and belgium servers. Usually the ping was about 80, but now i am regularly being connected to matches with 300 ping or so. Ofc i leave and this is sad. I bought ion prime ans wanted to test it, but i had to stop playing because of the server issues. Sometimes game connects to matches with 80-120 ping, but lags are obvious even then. Please fix this somehow, the game is too awesome, i want to play.
  • KevinTheMick
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    Same in Hartford CT playing on NYC Datacenter. Been going on since the last update. 40 in lobby upwards of 300 in game. Unplayable. Any word from respawn?
  • Hey south african player here, just want to say there are a lot of south african people eho enjoy this game byu get demotvated becuase of the high ping, on menu london servers are 160ms in game 250-400! WHYYYYYY I want to play, all i play is the buttery smooth campaign which is fantastic though, i had a few games where the ping would be 180 and then everythinf would be really smooth bu t most of the times i cry cuz i spent 60 dollars on a game that doesnt care about my problems and doesnt fix these issues, im gen 4 and play alot even though the ping is bad and my game is stuttery, thats how desperate i am
  • Robobit1
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    edited April 2017
    Last night the server is fixed and felt much faster in game, not laggy. Played couple of times and they were stable at 115ms in jp servers. How about you guys?
    Hopefully respawn or someone in the server side will not experimenting with it again.
  • rock1m1
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    Been having this issue since November!
  • Deadlinkd
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    Used to play on SG servers too since it is the closest to me but now game is plain unplayable. Move to bf1. Same for my friends. It is sad because we absolutely love this game. We'll definitely get back if respawn decides to fix this.
  • guntrus
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    getting ping nearly 400 in game help respawn
    i connect mostly to Singapore server
  • phoenixmsg
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    Somebody help. Getting 300+ ping. i think i am getting connected to Tokyo servers instead of Singapore.
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