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High ping*



  • im having the same issue after live fire update feb 23th 2017, im connected to my data centre with ping of 9ms and in game its 500. nothing fixes it and im using 100mbps internet with wired connection. what is going on ?
  • Lag issues here too, they seem to have only started in the past week. Usually on the Singapore server (less than 9ms), in game less than 100ms, but recently above 190ms consistently. No chance to be competitive and it's getting very frustrating. Tried live fire and got steam rollered, less so in attrition but nowhere near as good as before. It's a great game and deserves to do well but if this lag isn't fixed I'm just going to play something else.
  • Same here. I have ruled out any possible scenario that could be causing any lag/high ping issue. Data Center SC 68 ms and 230 ms in game. Any suggestions?
  • orangpelupa
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    Anybody please start a packet capture and report it here
  • bovrillor
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    Darkzeta89 wrote: »
    JunXaos wrote: »
    Still no respond. This is getting frustrating.

    I've try selecting all the SEA server, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong. Same high ping results. It was working well when the game launch, only after the update on Saturday it started happening.

    Everyone has been calm and giving as much information as they could but this silence from the developer is weird.

    Yes, I could understand if they were working on fixing the issue but there's absolutely no response from them.

    Yup that's what scares me the most.. They are ignoring this post since the first guy posted it.. I really do like the game but this high latency issue is making me go play something else..

    We at least deserve some acknowledgement of the problem... If they continue to ignore us then I'm done with this game....

    Don't hold your breath.

    There's another issue, probably connected, where hundreds of users cannot connect to European servers during 'peak times' (ie 6PM-Midnight local time) despite having no problems with any other games.

    Respawn have been asked about it time and time again, all we got was a single rude tweet from one of the developers blaming our ISPs. (FYI: Not the problem. I disproved that claim in great detail and was subsequently ignored)

  • Heheh, you gotta see how awesome my latency issue is. Live in Indonesia, usually connect to Singapore servers, got 30ms-ish. In-game, it's 500-600:



    I used to say, "You merely adopted the lag. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn't experience ping lower than 200ms until I was already a man." But Jesus dude, this is outrageous.

  • I don't know if this will help but I read that the devs are more active on reddit than here (weird I know). seems many others have the same problem for lag in Asian servers, although it also seems people everywhere have lag (who doesn't :P). I figure we can try making some noise about it there too. I still really want to play, but joining up everyday and getting killed half the time by lag ain't no fun.


    I started my own thread too:


  • Antitritium
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    Dear developers,

    The ping is still crazy high. Please take care of this thing.
  • I don't know if the problem is the servers or my pc... Yesterday my ping was fine but today it's 1200 !!(not in loby in loby it's 60)
    it's 100% unplayable
  • phoenixmsg
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    TF 1 in menu 60-70 ping, in game 60-70 ping
    TF2 in menu 60-70 ping, in game 300+
  • Germinativum
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    someone was smoking in the tokyo server room this weekend during the server patch
  • phoenixmsg
    5 postsPosts: 5
    Still no difference. Is anyone looking into this problem? at least just reply to that.
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