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Ronin Prime

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Im looking forward for the next DLC update but there is one teeny tiny problem that I don’t like it, as a member of Ronin’s society ( I love Ronin Titan very much :D) im a little dissapointed because of that new execution for Ronin! At the beginning its very cool, sure, multiple hits with that sword which is awesome but at the end! Arc wave?! Seriously? I know the new executions for prime titans are all about activating core for a few seconds but for that ronin its not that cool, maybe it was better if the ronin did the first hits (multiple sword hits) and theeeen phase dashed to behind the enemy and finished the titan by putting his ( YES RONIN IS A MAN) sword to the back of the enemy titan! It would be much cooler!
I know you put a lot of work to this, and its great I love it, but can you consider my suggestion? Thanks a lot
If you wanted to discuss this idea please let me know :)


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