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Idea for new pilot classes

I've been playing TF2 for quite some time now and I've just realized that I want to try something fresh and new while playing as a pilot. So here are some ideas I came up with.

1) Class: Engineer

Ability: deploys up to 2 flying drones, which search for nearby ally titans and slowly regenerate their health. These drones can be destroyed by enemies, otherwise self detonate on timer. Each drone can repair maximum of 1 health section of a titan.

This class is not very helpful in game modes without titans though. Originally I thought about an ability to order an orbital drop of a repair station, which would repair all titans in the effective range, but decided that spam of these stations would be too OP. Another idea was that those drones instead of repair tool would be equipped with SMG or other small caliber, however none of the original abilities are frag oriented, so this was kinda unfair.

2) Class: Guardian (?)

Ability: activates a hand mounted energy shield (curved towards center hexagon with lengthened left and right sides) that would protect the pilot from enemy shots (legs aren't covered completely while standing). It slowly drains its' charge, but when it's hit by enemy fire, charge drains faster. Shield is deactivated with second click or when power rans out (cracks when it is destroyed by enemy fire?). When the shield is deactivated, it can't be reactivated until it fully recharges. Pilot can't run, slide or use his weapons and equipment once shield is activated, however he can still walk, jump (and double jump) and use wallrunning, Weapon of the pilot is lowered instead of completely removed, so that he can switch from shield to firing with little to none delay. The color of the shield is blue when the battery is full and the less power is left, the more red it becomes (flashing in critical state?).

Addidational idea was to make projectiles ricochet from it surface, not sure if this is a great idea or not.

3) Class: Teleporter

Ability: on first click pilot throws what looks like a common spider mine, which doesn't open up when it hits the surface, second click teleports pilot to the last position of the "teleporter" (which can be destroyed by enemy fire, what would start cooldown time automatically). If there's a pilot, grunt or spectre in the place where pilot teleports, it would cause a "telefrag".

What do you think about all this? Share your ideas and thoughts in the comment section below!


  • Jodus
    1 postsPosts: 2
    I'd like the Engineer idea but that'd probably have to be a boost rather than a full blown class.

    Personally I'd like to see a hacker class, you could rodeo enemy Titans and hack them, make nuke eject fail, break auto eject, make the Titan harder to handle, reverse controls for a few seconds.
    Maybe when you rodeo friendly Titans you could give them the pulse blade effect, damage boost, speed boost etc.

    I think this game would really blend well with more support style roles.
  • kIlL-__-sPrEe
    2 postsPosts: 2
    Maybe like amped wall we have like amped tics who follow you and are faster or like all the factions have a in game ability like blisk you get a kill bonus from pilots or Marvin has **** repair or tactical bonuses would be cool so factions would be even more cooler to have
  • mwatts799900
    12 postsPosts: 16
    my idea is basically phase shift but you can actually see where you are going
  • ViridianDevil
    1 postsPosts: 2
    edited May 2017
    Maybe like amped wall we have like amped tics who follow you and are faster or like all the factions have a in game ability like blisk you get a kill bonus from pilots or Marvin has **** repair or tactical bonuses would be cool so factions would be even more cooler to have

    Fаction bonuses would be really nice, but so that they only boost your gained experience for specific actions and don't mess up the gameplay, because for example I don't want to use a specific fraction just for its clear advantage in combat.
  • BlueSulphur224
    234 postsPosts: 268 ✭✭
    I would like to see a warp guy, so it has three charges and it's a short range teleport in the direction you are looking.

    Then I was thinking of a sword guy. Considering there have been rumours of a sword block ability for frontier defense, this doesn't seem too out of place. It would passively slightly increase melee range and speed and can be held to mitigate damage.

    Finally I have been thinking of a gravity bomb guy that can throw a bomb that slows everything except titans where it lands
  • LordHerobrine568
    56 postsPosts: 70
    edited May 2017

    Shield Pilot: Plants a shield where the pilot stands. The shield is dome shaped, but you cannot shoot through it. The shield has 450 health, but the base of the shield only has 100 health. Enemy Pilots can walk through this sheild, but will get shocked and have 20 health removed. Shield has a 1 min lifetime. Has one charge.

    Warp Pilot: Can teleport 15 feet in the direction they look. Has 2 charges.

    Boost Pilot: Has a modified jump pack that can let him jump about 1/3 as high as an ejecting pilot. Can't use ability while ejecting. Has 2 charges.
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