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TitanFall 2 Multiplayer Matchmaking idea

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I think Titanfall 2 should have skill based matchmaking in multiplayer as you always encounter people who are either very low levels or very high levels in the game, so I think that they should add skill based matchmaking and possibly skill ranks which could give your character certain rewards.

If they add this it could make the game interesting for serious gamers and also help people find other players who are equally skilled such as similar K/D or levels.

Do you think this is a good idea?


  • I think it is a SWELL idea. I used to LOVE this game. I loved Titanfall 1. I want to keep playing this game. It is getting harder and harder to keep doing so. =/ As the player base condenses people like me just give up hope. I am not a good player. I used to be decent.. but not anymore. Every single match is now so one sided it is ridiculous. It is so bad I have friends who quit just because they get tired of losing. It isnt fun anymore when you lose every single game and spawn only to die in seconds. I would like to play against people near my skill level again instead of a 150 to 500 shutout.

    I hear hear arguments like "Just keep playing, you will get better!" No, I wont. I am middle aged and have **** reflexes, but still enjoy playing games. "Skill base matchmaking is cancer!" How is it "cancer" if there is an option to play with people in my skill range? Because you wont be able to dominate less skilled opponents? None of these make sense to me. Please do something with matchmaking. I want to support Respawn. I want to buy ALL the DLC.. but I wont if I never get to use it and dont want to play anymore. Surely there are mechanisms to improve the situation involving KD and/or hit/miss markers. Anything would be better than it is now.
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