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CE-36329-3 PS4 Error Code

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Platform: PS4

Problem: The game freezes, my system shuts down completely. When I reboot it checks the memory and gives me the error code CE-36329-3, which is apparently related to the creation of corrupt save files.

Can I reproduce the issue: No. It happens randomly. Over the course of about 70 hrs of gameplay it has happened 5 times. I've never experienced this issue with any other game. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game twice and it has not helped. Getting concerned for the health of my ps4 because instant forced shutdowns are really not good for the system.


  • LordRockinghamm
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    This error still persists. Does anyone else have this issue? Is anyone investigating the issue? Its happening more frequently. Twice in one day today …
  • silviosams
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    I have de same issue and lost my save, I see many reclaiming with same problem. I don't trust that this is a bug in ps4, because occurs just in the tf2.
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