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please offer me some Tips with Northstar

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I've switched to Northstar and am really enjoying playing as this titan, i do however run into a few problems and was hoping to get some advice...

i love the whole sniper rifle pre-charge shot....

but i rarely use my RB or missile attach.... i can't seem to judge when i should use the missile?...

i also never use my thrusters to jump and hover....again, i'm not sure when to use that? I just feel like i make my Titan a "Duck in Duckhunt for the NES"

I have been trying to hit pilots and every-time i seem to get a shot at one, i miss...i don't know if i'm just missing or the fact the shot is like a Kraber and takes time to get where you are aiming etc...sight lights up red when i'm over the pilot...i shoot and i watch the vapor trail miss the pilot...gotta be me...

my teather trap....why when i throw it down does it seem to not reach the titan i'm trying to get with my nuke eject? even if they are right next to me...how do you guys effectivly use it?

am I just terrible at the flight core? or is it just not accurate? Because i swear it does like no damage and even when centered on a titan, the sight stays white...and never lights red...is their a distance thing with it?

Ill give my my setup...

Nuke Eject
Dome....It already has low armor!

I appreciate the advice guys...so nice not to be in Tone...


  • ViiP3RvSNiiP3R
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    edited February 2017
    My setup is

    Overcore - You get 30% to core and you have your electric smoke on the go, with the free battery boost its 50% so In my opinion this is one of the best in the game, Nuclear Ejection wont work well on a Titan meant for long to mid range battles.
    For more mobility the extra dash kit may be a good idea as well.

    Kit 2:
    You made a great choice with the Viperthrusters as they come in handy for both flight core and hover mode, I use it to hop over enemy titans to throw their aim off.
    Other options are the Threat Optics if you're having a problem with pilots as you can snipe them a mile away and are a lot easier to spot, I use this on smaller maps where I wont use Hover often.
    Enhanced Payload i great once you get used to the cluster missile, its extremely useful for flushing pilots out of a building or shooting it point blank at a Titan to do damage. Enhanced Payload makes the cluster missiles last longer and more damage.

    Titanfall Kit:
    The last is personal choice, I use Warpfall with Phase Embark to get in and out my titan fast, I drop my titan quite far away on the corners of the map, also very useful for hopping out to snag a battery and getting back in.

    As for actual combat, try sticking to Legions or Tones to use their shields to your advantage, flank your enemies and always go for crits! A fully charged critical hit does crazy damage and actually stuns or pushes titans back (not 100% sure).
    Use Tether traps to cover your back and keeping Ronins away from you, remember that Ronins can phase dash out of it so time it well and if you're having trouble read the final tip.

    Ion: Go for crits and stay close to cover incase she pops her lazer core, dash away from her lazer shot and try to flank her from the sides so she cant deflect your bullets accurately.

    Scorch: Northstar is a great counter to Scorch as she can fly right over his traps and flame core, he should be pretty easy as long as you stay out of his fire and not get too close to him.

    Tone: Time her 3 shots and get to cover so the missiles cant reach you, Tone in my opinion is one of the hardest titans for Northstar, its worth bringing a team mate to help you as all you can really do is wear down her health until shes in doomed.

    Ronin: Ronin is also extremely hard as he gets right in your face which is out of Northstars comfort zone, your tether traps will be extremely useful here as chances are he has already wasted his phase dash, Keep him in place away from you and land crits and dump a cluster missle on him to drain his health, remember you can also hover right over him.

    Northstar: Its basically a sniper competition, Northstars will sneak around corners to land a hit. My tactic is to snipe her while shes busy or getting the element of surprise, remember to hide when she pops her flight core or get underneath her.

    Legion: Theres no way you can take him on alone unless hes lost a lot of health, try and snipe him from cover is all I can really suggest.

    Pilots: Smoke and cluster missiles are your friend, just like with Ronin you can fly over them to throw them off or use threat optics to spot them easily. Remember with Overcore you have smoke immediately.

    A final tip: if you're being chased or being cornered by Ronin, drop a tether trap and pop electric Smoke to cover your escape.

    My Northstars Gen 5 so Im in no way an expert but I hope this helps you.

  • Forget about Flight Core, I only really use it as a last burst of damage if Im on low health, or if I have a Titan cornered. Unlike other titans Northstars core needs a serious buff as a swear the majority of the rockets fail to hit even with the red.
  • Zachecan
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    Here is my opinion, just don't use it. It has no shields and dies quickly against any titan. It doesn't have the right equipment to be good on the field and can't dish out enough damage. But, its up to you, all titans have its strengths and weaknesses and North star is only good against Ronin and that is if at long range and aren't able to dash and shift to you and kill you. and hover is used to be able to shoot over building so you can hit titans in cover. And for the tether, i don't know what to say about that since i don't use North star but kill them easily with my legion. I think its used mainly so your team can attack it without it getting away and so they cant dash away from your shot, but, its up to you if you want to use it but, that is my opinion.
  • TheMightyM0
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    Well, you are in the right place for Northstar advice. She's awesome, but don't worry if it takes you some time to deg the hang of her.

    First of all, Northstar is mostly about controlling enemy titans. Between tether traps and cluster missiles, you can shut down an entire side of a map to enemy teams more effectively than a Tone can.

    One thing to keep in mind is that there is a little bit of travel time on the railgun. You will have to lead your shots slightly at longer range, and make sure you take that into consideration when you are trying to hit pilots.

    Cluster missile, at medium to close range, is your best friend. I instantly kills pilots on a direct hit, and is incredibly good at doing damage to both pilots and titans while you fire at them with you railgun. Tether and cluster missile are devastating combinations against titans, and anyone dumb enough to try to drop an A-wall should get a high explosive present from you dropped right next to or above it. Cluster missile also works great at clearing rooms that pilots are hiding in.

    To really use tether effectively, you need to get a feel for what kind of range it has, and then know that it has a short arming time before it will trigger. If an enemy titan rushes you, the best thing to do is to drop a tether, fire your cluster missile, and then drop your esmoke to hide yourself while you try to get some distance. Place tethers wherever you can, especially next to crates, in bushes or grass, or other areas where they'll be hard to see. I do not think there is a limit to how many you can have, so place them all over the place. You will hear a sound that will let you know when an enemy titan or reaper is caught in one, which can help you know when they are coming for you.

    Hover is great if you use it wisely, and that usually means avoiding Flame Cores and Arc Waves or whatever. Try using it to peek over the tops of buildings as well, then dashing as you start to fall to make yourself really hard to hit.

    Flight core works best from medium to close range. Put your crosshair over the enemy titan only if they are standing still, and if they are moving, you need to lead them by a bit. I've found that at medium range, putting the edge of the crosshair on the side of the titan where they should be going has scored a lot of hits, so practice with that. Use it on Reapers or in emergencies to better get a feel for it.

    Personally, though? I would switch Nuclear Ejection with Counter Ready or something. I found that when I tried to cheese people with Nuke Tether, I wasn't playing Northstar with a survive and evade mentality, but rather a suicidal nuke rush mentality and my gameplay suffered as a result. Take that off and try something else to get better at playing Northstar without the intent of getting it killed.

    Good luck to you!
  • TheMightyM0
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    Zachecan wrote: »
    Here is my opinion, just don't use it. It has no shields and dies quickly against any titan. It doesn't have the right equipment to be good on the field and can't dish out enough damage.

    I know that that's your opinion, but it is terrible advice.
  • Zachecan wrote: »
    Here is my opinion, just don't use it. It has no shields and dies quickly against any titan. It doesn't have the right equipment to be good on the field and can't dish out enough damage.

    I know that that's your opinion, but it is terrible advice.

    Was about to reply the same to him tbh
  • Zachecan
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    I'm just saying, i use a Legion and usually all it takes is my short range mode and 1 clip to take out a North star or at least suppress it till a friendly takes it out
  • TheMightyM0
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    I don't want to sound like I'm dismissing your experience in any way. The biggest thing with Northstar that is easy to make the mistake of is to try and get into long range duels with titans. I like to think that I'm a really good Northstar pilot, so I've had some success with shooting it out against other titans, but you're absolute right. In a straight fight, Northstar will lose most engagements. I play her like a sniper Ronin, actually, scooting around the map to flank the enemy team and finish off the titans that are low on health while they're trying to hide from my team. Hit and run, using tethers, smoke and cluster missiles to cause confusion before disappearing. It's risky, especially if they have a Ronin that takes an interest in you, but I have harassed pretty much every kind of titan from every range pretty effectively as Northstar because I play her very aggressively. Legion is a close second favorite, though. He's a beast!
  • Zachecan
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    I agree with what your saying, the North star has gotten me hurt and flanked many times since its faster and can go over buildings while i make a effort to go after it.
  • TheMightyM0
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    I'll tell you what is nasty if you are in a party with someone is to equip piercing shot on Northstar and camp behind a Legion. Being able to fire through the friendly Legion means he can tank for you and you can put out some serious hurt on almost anything.
  • Zachecan
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    True, true, i've only used North Star once but, i might use it to see if it might do me some good though ill have to wait till the feeling of being a tank goes away.
  • TheMightyM0
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    edited February 2017
    The power trip Legion gives is pretty hard to let go of, for sure :P

    I have often heard Legion described as a fat Northstar. Sit behind cover, pop out with the shield up, fire your charged shot, and dash back to cover. Rinse and repeat. Of course, it is also viable to just wade into the middle of battle, melting everything with heavy sustained counterfire.

    To the original topic, though, Northstar does MUCH better with a heavier titan to support than she does on her own. Legion is one of the best bets for that because of how durable he is.
  • OdysseyHome
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    All of North's abilities use different aiming models. Sniper bolts have drop and slight travel time. Missiles don't drop but have slower travel time. Snare traps are lobbed and bounce off walls. Flight core missiles target an area and have considerable travel time. This makes her difficult to learn, so I practiced by playing private bounty hunt matches. Tip is to ignore the cross hair highlight. That only tells you if your camera's center is targeting the foe, it doesn't tell you if your shot will hit.

    In doing so, I personally found it really beneficial customizing the advanced sensitivities to allow for faster ADS and ADS extra turning speeds. Since north needs to charge her shots to modulate her damage its advantageous if your aim can chase fast moving targets while in ADS. This isn't a problem with other titans but North requires a radical approach to aiming where you hold ADS and use scope zoom to refine aim.

    The trick with North is to play the map (i.e. learn what walls, hills, you can shoot over by hovering for safe damage) and also lure enemies into traps where you can tether + cluster missile + flight core them to death. Consequently, I recommend using overcore + viper thrusters and the battery boost. This way you hover strafe faster allowing for safer strafes, and the overcore + battery means you quickly get flight core and have a shield to mitigate against one vs many titan drops.

    North has the fastest sprint in the game so use the whole map, don't get tunnel vision on particular areas.

    Foes I find react differently to fully charged, half charged, and quarter / not charged bolts. Fully charged scare foes away, weak charged bolts encourage them to fight you. This allows you to lead foes into traps, or scare pursuers that are harassing you.

    If foes are healthy, use ambush tactics by shooting then retreating and protecting your retreat with missile and cluster missiles. You want them to chase you so you can lead them to allies or to places of power (where you can hover and get safe damage or have placed traps).

    If they are mid-low on health you can take the initiative. People don't expect aggressive Norths but if you are accurate and get crits you can kill low health foes really quickly or get them to doom eject. Tether trap has an activation delay so send that out first then when you here the activation sound try and get a cluster missile on the enemy titan and fire a barrage of half charged shots or one fully charged shot. The best North players will make it that their cluster missile will doom the foe as their sniper shots charges to full allowing for an easy one shot kill.

    Flight core can be a great escape or DPS attack. Trick is to use it at mid range and as a surprise attack preferably on a tethered foe. Using hover then flight core allows for extending hover duration so can allow for some interesting tactics.
  • AlClemBee9575
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    I don't know how late this is going to be or how proficient with Northstar you are now, but here's a tip for dealing with Tone that was picked up in TF1. Despite her power and abilities, Tone is one of the easiest Titans to predict when facing her. 3 shots from her 40mm equals target lock which means that a salvo of rockets is coming quickly. As stated earlier by another person, count the shots that hit your Titan and go behind cover when you have 3. Note that smarter Tone pilots will NOT fire their salvo immediately, so be aware of that. Tone Pilot also like to pop their particle and stand behind it, dealing free damage whilst the PW eats incoming damage. This can be especially frustrating on maps like Complex where Tone will stand with their back to a wall and the PW in front of them. When they do this, fire your Cluster Missile at the Particle Wall. The ensuing mini explosions will not only take down the wall fast, but Tone will actually take damage as well. If the aforementioned Complex scenario does end up happening, fire the missile at the exposed walls above or beside Tone to deal even more damage to her.

    Like Tone's 40mm, the Plasma Railgun is not a hitscan weapon. This means that the gun factors in travel time. Against static (non-moving) targets, this is negligible since, well, they're not moving. Against moving targets you'll need to aim ahead of the travel path and lead your shots, so that the by the time the shot reaches the same plane of travel as the target, it should hit them. Titans are easier to hit because of how big they are. Pilots and infantry will be a little trickier, so it basically comes down to practice. If you find you can't goose an ejecting pilot or nab one who is careless jumping between buildings, don't be deterred.

    As Northstar it is very important that you KEEP YOUR DISTANCE! Being a Stryder chassis, Northstar doesn't have a lot of health. Charging head first into combat is suicide and your chassis will be ruins in seconds. If you find an enemy rushing you, release your tether trap and shoot a cluster missile on the ground. The dumb pilots who are desperate for the kill will get caught in the trap, whilst taking significant damage from your cluster, whereas smarter pilots will hang back and let those time out before advancing. Depending on which map you're playing on and where you are on said map, you'll (hopefully) make a clean getaway without taking too much damage. Ronin is really the exception to this escape tactic as her phase dash allows her to avoid both. When facing a Ronin, here are my tips.

    1. Get as far away from her as you can. Ronin is excellent at close quarters, but terrible at long range. If you spot a Ronin bearing down on you, take a few pot shots whilst she's still relatively far away, but retreat as quickly as you can. Don't throw down the trap or cluster missile as Ronin will phase dash through them.

    2. Use your VTOL Hover. Most Ronin player will use their arc wave to slow down a retreating Titan. The Arc Wave has a pretty decent range and is telegraphed pretty well. If you see an Arc Wave coming towards you, use your Hover ability as it won't be able to touch you in the air. Also use this time to take a few more pot shots at the Ronin. As soon as you land on the ground, wash rinse and repeat. With enough practice and skill, you can actually take down a full health Ronin without taking too much damage from it.

    3. Make your way to friendly Titans. Ronin is strong, but doesn't do so well when going up against a group of Titans. If you have friendlies near by, retreat to them and let them deal with Ronin.

    As for my Northstar loadout, I use the Turbo Engine Titan kit, Enhanced Payload Northstar Kit (sometimes I'll use the Threat Optics), and the Dome Shield Titanfall kit. I hope you found this information useful and hopefully this will make you a better Northstar player. Many cheers,

  • mgood1845
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    @TheMightyM0 @OdysseyHome @AlClemBee9575 Thank you guys for all your time for entering on my post, i can say that i have moved past my Tone days and am a full time Northstar user due to your advice. Thank you for helping me become a better Northstar Pilot she is truly a rewarding titan to use. Best part of all is there is a prime titan on its way! Cant see the new sounds look, and execution!
  • TheMightyM0
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    @mgood1845 Glad to help. Northstar is awesome.
  • AlClemBee9575
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    @mgood1845 Not a problem man. She really is an underrated Titan and can definitely make an impact in games if left unchecked.

  • SkooLBoY_SkePtiK
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    Forget about Flight Core, I only really use it as a last burst of damage if Im on low health, or if I have a Titan cornered. Unlike other titans Northstars core needs a serious buff as a swear the majority of the rockets fail to hit even with the red.

    It needs to unload faster AND the rockets need much more velocity.

    Things to know:
    Northstar's rifle is minimally blocked by Ronin's sword and stuns Ronin.

    Tether trap takes a few seconds to activate after placing. However, you can place multiple traps around the map, so drop them often.

    Cluster missiles penetrate tones and legions shields. It's pseudo penetration, half of the missiles fire on the opposite side of the shield, so fire these into every tone shield and into shielded legions.

    Activating flight core right after activating hover keeps you low to the ground and less exposed.

    That's all I can add to other suggestions.
    Currently, level 11.17 Northstar.
  • AlClemBee9575
    17 postsPosts: 22
    Another tip about Northstar is that her Plasma Railgun CANNOT be blocked by Ronin's sword block. The sword blocking damage animation will still happen, but the entire damage done by your PR shot will be the same. Keep that in mind. I only found this out a few days ago, so it's a good thing to keep in the back of your head when coming up against them. HAVE NO FEAR and let loose.
  • TheMightyM0
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    If you are the only titan on your team and the enemy only has a Ronin, be ready for the longest Tom and Jerry style chase you will ever see in a video game. Depending on how determined that Ronin is, you may need to just keep running until your team calls in another titan.
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