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Connection to the server timed out

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Every time I play Titanfall 2 (after 2 games) I get this error code (CONNECTION TO THE SERVER TIMED OUT) then on the next game I get a black screen or a frozen screen, the sound effects / intro is still there for about 30 seconds then I lose connection, is there anyway to fix this.
I'm on a pc with: windows 7 (6.1 build 7601), NVidia GTX 970, Intel(R) i7 3770K 3.5 Ghz, 16gb ram, ASUS PCE AC56 wireless card, I get 56mb/s download and 18mb/s upload my drivers are up to date, I also contacted my internet provider (SSE) who use Daisy and they said that my connection was stable, this is the only game I have ever had problems running, I have tried deleting all the wireless/Ethernet connections and reconnecting using only 1 setting but that didn't work, please help if you can.


  • diddybeats
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    I also have the same issue on xbox and use SSE/Daisy. I read lots of people were having issues with the Technicolour router they provide so bought a new one but the same thing happens. Always happens to me from around 5PM so I dont know if its made worse by poor traffic management from SSE as i've seen some other dodgy things happen previously from 5PM with this provider like poor streaming speeds etc.

    Update: I wanted to see what server IP's I was being connected to to run some tests and so I bridged the ethernet and wifi on my PC (so I could run wireshark) and used it as the router and connected my xbox via it. When I did this I no longer get disconnected. If I go back to connecting directly to my router I get the same issue. Really weird and I still dont get why it happens at bang on 6pm.
  • Saltire-60
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    What we need is an update to solve this problem, i have read about people on all formats with different routers having the same problem, I am thinking about using my old Netgear N600 router but someone had problems with this router already, it totally sucks how there are reports of this all over the net and respawn are not even answering on any forums.
  • I've had this going on after 4 days of buying the game. It's very frustrating when 3 mins into a match and I get dropped from the server. Making feel like I wasted money paying for this game. Xbox one btw.
  • So I went into my router settings and (disabled the DMZ) and now I get about 7 games before I lose connection not perfect but a definite improvement.
  • I am very upset with this game. But for now I will just talk about server time out. I bought the game for my son and myself. Most of the time when I envite him to my game and try to start a game i get kicked. Dont try to tell me its my internet or UPNP etc. This only happens with this game. You need to fix this.
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