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matchmaking - balance

I want to say the matchmaking ( balance ) is the one of the worst i ever seen. I like shooter, and i play overwatch, bf1, r6 and and i never met with such a thing. I hope respawn fix it soon.


  • cobrarsnake1
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    Yeah balance can be very one sided
  • exactly, and it kills the pleasure of playing
  • Glad I am not the only one hating on matchmaking. It cant seem to make up its mind at all. I will get pitted against players I have no chance against for 4 rounds, then get a good round against people closer to my skill level... repeat over and over. I love this game. I love Titanfall. But jeez, c'mon Respawn. When will there be matchmaking that at least half way puts you against people around your skill level? The game gets miserable when you are literally just handing the win to the opposing team because you make it 5 steps out of spawn before dying. Surely there are some metrics that can be used to compare skill? Hit/miss ratio, K/D.. something. It doesnt have to be perfect, just competitive. At least feel like I had a chance. I know there are a lot of players out there in the same boat as me and around my skill level. I would like to play against them so the game is fun every match instead of 1 out of 5.

    TL;DR: I am not a very skilled player. I am older and have slow reflexes. I think the game would be much funner if I could play with people of similar skill.
  • I've been playing shooters since like 1993, and a recurrent issue I see in literally every online game is the complete lack of team balancing.

    I understand that basing team balance on player rank/level may not be entirely representative of their skill as players, but it would be a start. A players in-game level is a sign of how much time they've spent playing the game, so why not balance teams in public matches based on experience?

    In 4000+ hours of online FPS gaming, the most entertaining matches have been the ones where teams have and even amount of high and low level players on each team, and the game goes to a nailbiting close finish. Please don't let an otherwise perfect game produced by masters of the genre be ruined by such a simple concept.

  • thecrazyd
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    You'll never get good matchmaking in a game without a huge userbase. All the examples you have of games with better matchmaking also have larger player counts. The more people play a game, the better balanced matches can be.
  • Then maybe they should narrow the number of game modes until the player base becomes bigger. A simple google search in the last month reveals a LOT of people disappointed with the matchmaking system. The game is outstanding when the match is balanced, but absolutely infuriating when you keep getting nuked by a stacked team of wizard players over and over.

  • You can't expect a game to be well-balanced with small player base. This game is unlike BF1 or Overwatch that have almost a million or more people playing *-*
  • You guys say that you can't have matchmaking with a small community, but every time that I log on there's anywhere from 1,000 to 4,000 people online. I'm willing to bet that less than 25% of those players are wizards at the game who are Gen 10 and the works. Even if more than 25% are, that's still leaving 700-3,000 average players. With 12-18 people in a match, that's plenty of people to put in, at least, a level based matchmaking system, maybe even a more skill based system. Not having any system at all is only going to hurt the game, and the player base will grow even smaller.
  • Triga
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    TL;DR: I am not a very skilled player. I am older and have slow reflexes. I think the game would be much funner if I could play with people of similar skill.

    Likewise mon ami, likewise ;)

  • hyperion9710
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    total annihilation, no matchmaking balance, like Overwatch Grandmaster Team vs Bronze noob solo player
  • Geddon95405
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    dev support for this game ended some time ago

    all feedback will go to TF3 at best
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