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Wich did you like more Battlefield 3 or BF Bad Company 2

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I recently decided to reinstall both and I'm having more fun with BC 2 to be honest. Especially the vietnam DLC. The gunplay feels just perfect in the DLC game, it feels more visceral and effective.

I also enjoy BF 3 but for some reason I had and still have more fun with BC2 and I can't put my finger on why that is. In all respects BF 3 seems like a very well designed and fun game. And it's the successor to my favoriete BF game, BF2.

I have no idea how to make a poll so you guys will have to do without.


  • Blautnos
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    BC2 still is my favorite battlefield game, and I doubt that will change anytime soon. The destruction was fun and had its uses, the map design was really great, snipers were easily countered and the game had charm. Never going to say the balance was perfect (I still abuse shotguns whenever I can), but I never felt it got out of hand.

    I liked Battlefield 3 too, but somehow the game ended up feeling more like mindlessly running around shooting things. This isn't too bad, as it makes the game easier to play while doing something else, but I really miss having a game that really drags me in and makes me feel involved.

    Is Bad Company 2 still alive?
  • Cyperien
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    Yes it very much is, I still see 20 or 30 very well populated servers.

    BFBC2 vietnam has 2 or 3 well populated servers.

    It's weird I just decided to reinstall many old games just so to see if they are still played, and they are =)
  • Blautnos
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    Quake is still alive, so I guess good games DO end up living a long time. I might buy it now that it is on sale :smile:
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    edited November 2016
    BC2 is way better. BF3, BF4, and BF1 all go for "bigger is better," which makes for an impressive bullet point slide for shareholders, but makes for a disjointed, overly complicated mess. What players really respond to is a well designed game with fun at the center of a game's development. The maps in BC2 are smaller, but way more interesting and memorable. There are fewer guns, but again, each is more memorable. Destruction is FUN, and at the end of each game the towns your fight in are leveled. And BC2 didn't take itself so seriously. It had a sense of humor and didn't go for semi-realism like the more recent BFs. But it all really comes down to a lot of little fun things that add up to a better game.
  • crabman169
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    Bf1 baby ;)

    Missed out on bc2 and only played a few hours of bf3 after bf4. Both games have a dedicated fan base whilst **** off a far few PC fans from 1942 onwards

    15 hours to 100% TF2
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