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PC - Latency Spikes from 50ms to 400ms frequently. Unplayable. Did not happen two weeks ago.

Platform: PC
Issue: Having consistent latency spikes when playing on Win 10 laptop. Haven't played in 2 weeks, was fine prior to this.
Can you reproduce this issue 100% of the time: Yes.
Details on how to reproduce the issue: Connect to game, run around and play until you start rubber banding. Happens withing 10 seconds, goes away, and comes back about every 10 seconds.

Region: NA, California
Internet Service Provider (ISP): Xfinity/Comcast
Connection Speed: 50Mbps Down, 20 Mbps Up

Processor (CPU): i7-4700MQ, 2.4Ghz
Graphics Card (GPU): Nvidia 750GTM
Memory: 8GB
Operating System: Windows 10

I play on this laptop when I am away from how (which is weekly). I haven't played Titanfall 2 on this machine in a while and am not experiencing huge latency spikes making it unplayable. I was having many players in the game report the same thing when I would play with them.


  • I can't help, but I (and a ton of other people) have this problem (or similar lag related stuff) since launch.

    There was some kind of behind the scenes update around the 15th which changed the behavior of the lag a bit. This update may have started the lag for you.
  • I will try playing on my Desktop tonight from about 60 miles away from where I tested it last and see if I can still reproduce the problem here.
  • So played it on my Desktop last night. Worked almost flawlessly, although I noticed ping was jumping between 50 - 100 ms which seems a bit sporadic for me.
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