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PC game version/Arc tool shown in HUD as "Unbound" ....

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edited November 2016
When the mission start loads to use the arc tool to energize the cores the pilot is shown holding one of the two regular weapons (shotgun) and the HUD showing the arc tool as "unbound" key access.

Restarting/replaying the mission to get the arc tool or verifying the game files doesn't help. As such I can't proceed with the game. This is my 2nd play through and didn't run into this bug/problem with the initial play through.



  • you may have switched some key bindings, key for arc tool is "active boost(mp)"
    dunno why but it is . so might wanna check it out :)
  • Over50
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    No such thing in the campaign key board assignments listing. And resetting to default keyboard action assignments didn't help.
  • 52tnp2sssmqc.png

    this is my setting. i use "c(original activate boost)" as crouch key. so if i get arc tool it will say "unbound". if i give any key to
    "activate boost" unbound will be gone and i will be able to use it
  • Over50
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    Thanks for the screen shot ... I have "c" set for toggle crouch ... will set assignments to default and see what happens ...
  • Over50
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    You were right!!! I did reset the key bindings to default before I posted but must have changed the crouch toggle again to "c". As you said, with "c" now set to the default binding the HUD shows the "c" as the arc tool key.

    Again, many thanks .... another senior moment !
  • G_Maccazoo
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    Just wanted to necro this post and give thanks. Picking up the game today, and 2.5 years later, this still manages to help people!
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