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Computer keeps restarting when playing the campaign.

I play many games and I only have this issue when playing titanfall 2.

GPU: GTX 760
Ram: 16gb


  • DrBlubbinger
    13 postsPosts: 15
    edited November 2016
    Restarting sometimes means a power supply problem (not enough power). Heavy usage (like a gpu intensive game) causes a restart then. Are the other, working games resource intensive, or not so hard on the gpu (or the entire pc, but usualy gpus need most of the power)?

    If the restart is for another reason, Windows should have tons of logs (try things like event viewer) and you might find out more details.
  • SneakyGemini
    10 postsPosts: 11
    edited November 2016
    Keep a eye on the temp of your GTX760 I just spotted mine at 88 degrees, which isn't to far away from shutdown temp. Weird thing is every other game I play max it out at 80 even when it is 98~100% load. Not sure how 99% load in Titanfall 2 = almost 10 degrees hotter.
  • Thanks for the advice guys. fixed the issue by changing the cable that goes from the PSU to the GPU.
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