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Constant Lag Spikes


  • Cloud_W_Omega
    16 postsPosts: 17
    quick question,
    AcidLung wrote: »
    Having the same issue.

    I have tried fiddling with all settings and it doesn't stop. The audio crackling is the worst part for me, it's unbearable.

    Oddly, when the game first released, it was running amazingly well and I raved about how well optimized the game felt.

    The way it's running for me now, I'd probably have requested a refund.

    I hope they get this fixed. Unfortunately, it seems the issue isn't widespread.

    have you tried repairing or reinstalling?

    this issue is not the same, the audio does not crackle with this bug.
  • tastyjerk
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    Same thing happening to me and it is SUPER annoying. Glad to hear its not just me but I would love a fix on this.
  • Hesgad
    19 postsPosts: 21
    If yout stuttering is not fps related its the server sided lag that quite a few people experience as soon as your pin goes over roughtly 200 the server lags resulting in an stuttering game
  • digitalHoriz0n
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    edited November 2016
    I was just Googling the same issue and it came up with this thread.

    I have a 980Ti and am having the same issues.
    Campaign, it runs smooth as butter. I get into multiplayer and the weird stutter begins. I've capped it at 60fps and it stays at 60. Without the cap it is 80 - 140fps which seems the normal from what others have said.

    Checking the usage of VRAM, it shows my card is using a good 5800MB, that remains whether the settings are Very High or Insane.
    My RAM gets eaten up with Insane, which I get.
    I am using 16GB, to clarify.

    My CPU is not under any stress at all.

    Obviously the higher frames without v-sync equals less tearing, but with it being capped at 60fps I notice a lot of tearing. At higher frames, still quite noticable. Is anyone else noticing this? Even with v-sync on I notice it.
    This applies whilst playing the campaign, too. Smooth but a lot of tearing.

  • zoomastigophora
    38 postsPosts: 38 Community Manager
    Thanks for the videos guys. Kelin, were you able to test with the X1 connected directly to your cable modem?
  • Hesgad
    19 postsPosts: 21
    Thanks for the videos guys. Kelin, were you able to test with the X1 connected directly to your cable modem?

    Same problem affects the PC servers with constant lagspikes resulting in stuttering and freezes
  • Yopodust
    9 postsPosts: 9
    Thanks for keeping this thread open guys, I'm still encountering this lag-spike/ping-spike bug today and it started in both Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 simultaneously the morning of October 30th. Any more news from devs, or info about a fix? Thanks all.
  • Yopodust
    9 postsPosts: 9
    Oh and I'm in the same camp as Leafar_Nightfall, no matter the server, I get ping from 30-60 ms consistently but the lag-spikes/rubber-banding occurs every few seconds and this happens most of the time without any increase in ping, but occasionally it will display a 0.5 second spike to 100 or 150 ms.
  • MasterTeeton
    12 postsPosts: 17
    edited November 2016
    Potential Fix:

    Since Titanfall 2 is built on the source engine I decided to search CS:GO bugs and found this:


    Installing the latest Realtek drivers from the official website appears to have fixed my problem. The windows update drivers were not the most up-to-date.
  • BN-NecessitoR
    13 postsPosts: 14
    Same here. Get 'client hitched' 'net choked' 'out of snapshots' at the top of screen.
    Also ping spikes from 30 to 60 and beyond. Get rubber banding if using insane video settings. I run at low settings now. 2XMSAA/high textures/bilinear to try and get good play.
    When you look at kill cam there is obviously something wrong although it seems to play fine when actually playing.
    So it's odd.
    Did a review on the game and there's some quick fixes there, but really it needs some servers added, I feel. Fanatastic game and really enjoying it despite the ping problems. It's still way better that COD on multiplayer.
  • kelin1616
    11 postsPosts: 11
    Thanks for the videos guys. Kelin, were you able to test with the X1 connected directly to your cable modem?

    no i was not, unfortunately the way i have my network setup running a hardline into the modem is very inconvenient.
  • Yopodust
    9 postsPosts: 9
    BN-Icufos, so if you decrease the video settings from insane down a notch your multiplayer match ping/lag-spikes and rubber-banding issue is resolved? I will definitely try this but it's really strange, because my lag-spikes and rubber-banding are not graphics card or system spec related, it's all network-side, on EA/Origin's data centers. I know this because my frame rate is always 60 FPS and above during multiplayer matches. My PC doesn't have any difficulty running the game graphically or processor-wise, my system is very fast and so is my internet connection and local network. During the first few days after the game was released I played multiplayer matches at the same high graphics settings as now and had zero lag-spikes/ping-spikes nor rubber-banding.

    The lag problems suddenly appeared after they patched the game, and they appeared in Battlefield 1 in the same exact way at the same exact time, suggesting to me that this is an EA/Origin data center/server side bug. I will try anything to get rid of it though, I haven't been able to play any matches successfully since October 30th, and I've gotten zero replies nor any support feedback from EA, Answers HQ, Origin Support, or any support forum posts from any tech support staff or developers about this issue. The problem seems to be ignored so far, hopefully I'm wrong about that but I haven't seen any evidence the devs are working on fixing this in Titanfall 2 or Battlefield 1.

    Thanks for sharing the link and your tips, I'll try them out and get back to post about my results.

    Has anyone else seen any new information, fixes, tips, or gotten any support feedback or official help with this annoying lag-spike/rubber-banding bug yet? Thanks guys!
  • I'm having this same problem. Restarting my XBox worked last night, but tonight I logged on and was experiencing the same jitters.

    My ping is given as 30ms, so I shouldn't be experiencing such bad lag, but it makes the game almost unplayable - by the time I see another player, I'm almost always dead (not entirely unlike my normal games, but still...).
  • Oh, forgot to say, I'm on wireless with my router on another floor. I don't have any issues with any other device or game, just TF2.
  • kelin1616
    11 postsPosts: 11
    Is there ANY update on a fix someone from respawn can comment on?
  • DrBlubbinger
    13 postsPosts: 15
    edited November 2016
    Guys can you try different times of day? I can play fine before noon and in the late night, but afternoon and evenings are extremely laggy (all times are CET). It's like this every day. Can anybody here reproduce lag depending on the time?

    Here's my old thread about it, though I don't get any error messages, just lag until I quit the match: https://forums.titanfall.com/en-us/discussion/5895/90-of-mp-games-are-unplayable-due-to-lag-spikes-freezes-rubberbanding
  • I'm having the same problem. I'm playing from Orlando connecting to the Virgina servers.

    With 43 down and 5mbs up my ping reports to the server with a ping of 34.

    In match I generally run pings in the 60's...

    but then after a few minutes my ping gets hammered out of its mind clocking in all over the place from 150-2500 (no joke) and I start rubber banding around the game. Makes it basically unplayable until it clears up. (which it does after some time)

    I already tried port forwarding my XBOX ONE, and I even tried setting it outside of my firewall with DMZ settings. Nothing fixes this on my end.

    Help? ;(
  • 711Darman117
    57 postsPosts: 87
    Sledge70 wrote: »
    Can you provide a bit more detail?

    - Data Center
    - Platform
    - internet connection speed

    I am also having lag spikes and ping spikes. I play on ps4. I have used many data centers along with all my friends on ps4.
  • BN-NecessitoR
    13 postsPosts: 14
    edited November 2016
    Found I had to take it down a fair bit. The 3 messages that appeared have gone now, these were..
    client hitched/Net chocked/out of snap shotshots
    I'll detail it on my review which is ongoing, Mainly because it's a good opportunity for a long post. lol
    However this is the video settings I'm trying at present.
    High textures/2xMSAA/MODELS set to medium and I'm running in 1600x900 windowed. Almost everything is off and set to low. Yes, very low settings but it looks fine at 1600x900. Do this because I sit close to the monitor and have a 28" screen. Personally it helps me to have a surrounding bit for perspective.
    Could not get away with these setting on COD, it would look aweful but on TT2 it's fine.
    It does play very fast and well like this but obviously not ideal.
    At 'insane' and everything on max, the framerate was fine and the ping was jumping (as usual) between 30 and God Knows what. It's fast and I think possibly into the 80's.
    I agree with you this appears to be a net/server problem of some kind. Unfortunately it's a complex subject with lots of factors. They use pulses and I believe this game is around 63? Some others use 67. Also maybe more servers or something needed. I don't know. I'm just looking it up on Google to learn.
    I have had good results taking the settings down but might just be a few lucky low ping games, although ping for me is mostly always around 31 32 33 34 35 36 ...to 70 and down again, then up again, what with the spiking. lol
    Think we're all in good hands with Respawn, frankly. Just a matter of faith which I have bucket loads for them. Infinity Ward, mmm, not so much.
  • No luck again today. Played maybe 10 rounds, got kicked from 7 or 8 of them. All of them I was experiencing significant lag - at one point shooting straight at at an opponent who shot back with the same gun and killed me. At that short a distance (20 feet, maybe) I couldn't miss. As things stand, I just can't tell how good the game is or how bad I am - I'm playing against opponents who're temporally ahead of me.
  • zuwarrior80
    229 postsPosts: 244 ✭✭✭
    xb1.wire.MP. PvP.
    i have the same setting since TT and the TT was fine for 2 weeks (also PvP). But for some reason, the ping is so high in the last 2 weeks. I reconnected MW2 on 360 and it works just fine.
  • kelin1616
    11 postsPosts: 11
    Has anyone heard ANYTHING on regards to a fix, a few more days and I will be calling microsoft for a refund, i'm pretty disappointed with this, its unplayable, I've tried being patient, but I've received very little support in regards to a fix, this is obviously a wide spread issue among multiple users on multiple platforms.
  • Carbon2501
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    edited November 2016
    I am having the exact same problem on Xbox one. I switched to a direct ethernet connection on my cable modem and it got better for a few days. Now the horrible lag is back. I'm walking along and disappear then reappear back a few frames rendering online multiplayer unplayable. I submitted a report to EA and there was no response. Big waste of money for someone who loved TF1 on the PC
  • Baqqfisch
    15 postsPosts: 16
    any updates? im getting sick of this!
  • Here's your answer right here..'Tick rates' are the author of all your lag spikes. :blush:
  • Baqqfisch
    15 postsPosts: 16
    @respawn: we paid much money for the game. would you please respond
  • BN-Icufos wrote: »
    Here's your answer right here..'Tick rates' are the author of all your lag spikes. :blush:

    Yea there was a vid on youtube that explained this. To change this would probably cost alot of money , do you think they are gonna go to that extent to make the changes?

    I hope so I really enjoy this game.. but today was brutal I was getting spikes on the dallas center from 33ping jumping over 200
  • Yeah, I'm getting the stuttering as well since last patch - multiplayer only. Entire game freezes for a half second or so, audio and video, about every 30 seconds to 1-3 minutes. Tried rebooting, changing all different video settings, but nothing fixes it.

    16GB RAM
    EVGA 980 Ti Classy
    Win 10 Pro
  • BN-NecessitoR
    13 postsPosts: 14
    edited November 2016

    Great name btw. Yes, you may be right. (I got all the info from the vid, btw, clever bloke he is)

    Lets just hope, like the makers of 'Overwatch' who did alter their 'tick rates' almost immediatley when facing the same problem and had success. That Respawn will do the same thing for 'Titanfall 2.

    I suspect Respawn would do absolutely anything to improve their game if they could.

    'Grump old fart mode....enabled.'
    It maybe down to EA though, in the end. This I worry about at nights. You got to spend money to make it. Right from the off I suspect theyv'e hesitated a bit with the dosh on the server side and advertising for Titanfall 2. Respawn had given their souls to make this game a success but always the money men ruin the party.
    But what do I know.....
    'Grumpy old fart mode....disabled.'
  • Vayne4800
    5 postsPosts: 5
    Ok, I confirm that my stutters are actually lag as reducing textures from insane to very high didn't help. I noticed that I can easily expect stutters when my pings fluctuate between 40ms to 200ms throughout the match. As I mentioned elsewhere, I have a 980 Ti and on insane it works very very well and smooth if pings don't fluctuate.
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