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The Older Mechwarrior and Heavy Gear type games

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I know there's got to be others out there that have played these games!

Has anyone successfully been able to load and play these on something like a maxed out Alienware 17R2 system with a Graphics Amplifier? I've been trying for quite awhile now to install and play the entire MechWarrior series, and Heavy Gear 1 and 2 without using this picture within a picture 3rd party setup but its been pretty iffy and or crummy game play to say the least! If anyone can tell or show me a way to play the games successfully Id seriously be willing to barter or even pay just to be able to install and play these older games! I've even been trying to find an older tower that has anything from the old windows 95 or 98 on it even XP LoL,,, Anyways your advice would be greatly appreciated !!!


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    Oh - I've played them all - the problem is, the older games were designed around Win95 / 98 / Me - and when they switched to Windows 2000, they switched to the Windows NT kernal, so a lot of older games have to work through an emulator to work on anything from Windows 2000 forward. That includes Vista, Windows 7, 8, and 10.

    I'm not sure there's a way around that, but Microsoft might have some stuff on it in the user groups there.
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