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My Titan Concept- Sentinel

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Hey guys this is one of my Titan concepts for Titanfall 3 hope u like it.

Name: Sentinel
Chassis: Ogre
Weapon: Hydra Cannon; double barreled 2 shot 16 round cannon that deals 2000 per shot
Health: 12500; 2000 when doomed
Role: Support
Defensive Ability: Brute Shield; a large metal shield with 2300 hp that blocks all damage.
Offensive Ability: Grav Slam; hits the ground with a large pneumatic cylinder knocking back emenies and dealing 4000 dmg
Utility Ability: throws ammo clips at friendly titans and increases their mag size by 10 except for Scorch and Ronin who get 2.
Core Ability: Charge Core uses the pneumatic cylinder as a battering ram dealing 7500 dmg
Dash: 1 dash

Please give me some of your ideas to improve my idea or tell me if it needs nerfing, thanks

Also check out my other titans next one will be out in maximum of 5 days


  • Dinorush13
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    First things first: all Ogre-class titans have 12500 hp, and all titans in the game have 2500 health in their doom bar. Those values do not change.

    Aside from that, I feel that the post is lacking some critical details.
    1) By double-barreled 16 round cannon, am I to assume that this is a 2-shot shotgun that fires 16 pellets a shot? If so, the damage number is believeable, but it'd also have go be heavily limited by range and/or reload speed since 2000 is large amount of damage especially when you presumably have 2 shots.
    2) Brute Shield: Does this work like a Gun Shield, where it is automatically out for a certain duration with a cooldown, or is it a held defensive that recharges when not in use like flame shield? If it is a held defensive, does it have a cooldown time when broken, or does it have a minimum energy required to activate like the other held defensives? And lastly, if it blocks melee, will it block terminations?

    As for balance:
    1) 4000 is a ridiculously high amount of damage for an instant use ability with knockback. What is the range of this and knockback amount, as well? And does it break defensives and/or have the ability to get around them like Arc Wave?
    2) Increase ammo capacity by 10? For anyone? This can either be absurdly powerful or absurdly useless. A 14 shot leadwall can pretty much doom a titan before reloading, an 11 shot T203 would be absolutely ridiculous, a 16 shot railgun would be nasty, but aside from that it's effect is just noticeable at best for Monarch, Ion, and Tone and very unnoticeable for Legion.
  • Thanks
    4 ur questions the shield is static and exactly like Tones except it is a sort of like a rout shield and and Grav Slam only has a slightly bigger range than melee so it is like a last ditch defence when needing to get away.
    I will lower he health and mag sizes for Ronin and Scorch
    Thanks for helping me
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