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Update submission

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After months of work, I think I've finally completed my update submission. This update marks the completion of Titanfall 2.

The Finish Line patch

*SA-3 Mozambique and Wingman Elite can now be equipped as Secondaries and are still equitable as Primaries, but equipping one in either slot will lock both weapons from the other
Example: Equipping the Wingman Elite in the Secondary slot will lock the Wingman Elite and SA-3 Mozambique from the Primary slot

*Equipping a pistol as your Primary will disable the Secondary weapon
(Smart Pistol Boost will temporarily replace Primary weapon)

*Pilot melee lunge removed.

*Ronin Sword Block now only reduces damage from direct sources (projectiles and melee) and with a range slightly smaller than that of the Vortex and Thermal Shields

*Ronin Phase Dash now removes enemy Pilots from hull.

*New Monarch kit: ASAP
Upgrade Core will apply all three selected upgrades at once upon activation, but Core build rate is severely decreased until then
(Default Core build + Battery: 20% | Default Core build + Overcore: 20% | Default Core build + Overcore + Battery: 40% | Energy Thief + Battery: 21% | Energy Thief + Overcore: 20% | Energy Theif + Overcore + Battery: 41% | ASAP + Battery: 10% | ASAP + Overcore: 10% | ASAP + Overcore + Battery: 20%)

*Satchels no longer despawn upon Pilot death, but will still despawn if you switch to a loadout without Satchels or remove Satchels from your current loadout.

*Ronin Broadsword melee now has a 0.7 second cooldown, which does not apply to Sword Core

*Jack Cooper now has three weapon slots
(Beginning loadout: V-47 Flatline, P2016, Archer)

I have been working on this ever since the last patch, and would be deeply honored if it was accepted.
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  • RedShield55
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    I don't think they'd even see this down here in the fan creations thread.
    they also already said content has stopped, and it would take months to make all of this. Maybe years.
    It would take ~2 months to remake Fracture. Fracture also is a terrible idea, because remastered maps DO NOT work in Titanfall 2.
    Adding Frontier Defense to those maps would take another 2-3 months, maybe more.
    There's a lot of balance changes here, 2-4 more months to get them smoothed out enough for an update, as well as maybe another month of tweaking to make sure they fit well.
    Are you telling them to change the singleplayer? Really? I think that's a bad move. The entire campaign was tailored to the features they used, and giving Cooper a grappling hook, a pulse blade, a-wall, anything would severely break it.
    A new faction?
    Thats going to need a handful of voicelines, say 5 per mode. With 9 (?) modes, that 45 lines, not to mention they would have to create a model for the leader, art for the logo, and fit him into the lore. So... 2-3 months? Also, why on earth is there an IMC 2.0? What's the point of it? The IMC doesn't need a new version of itself.
    Classic armor.... this is going to need 6 new models, and the new upgraded engine can't just CTRL C + CTRL V, so that's going to need to be remade as well. Maybe 3 or 4 more months.
    Projects also can't really be done at the same time, (i.e., remaster Fracture and remaster the classic models) due to Respawn's small size. This means they would probably have to be done one after the other in a linear progression.
    The total: Roughly 14 months, maybe 10 if you're feeling generous.
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  • RaucousCoder739
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    Well, now I've modified it. IS THIS BETTER?!
  • RedShield55
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    Satchels detonating upon death is silly. As someone whose used satchels a lot, while it would be nice, it would defeat the tactical purpose of them and make them suicide grenades, which makes them twitch.
    Ronin's phase dash and the battery isn't a glitch, its more of an oversight in the code. When Ronin (or a pilot) phase shifts, they become invisible, get a special effect laid over their camera (the phase realm) and are made invincible. When a player phase shifts they are still right there. This why a phase dashing Ronin blows up laser tripwires. Since its invincible, it doesn't take damage from the tripwire, and it doesn't take damage from rodeos.
    So I think that instead, a "fit and finish" update should be issued instead. No new content, just a massive quality of life boost. Melee needs tuning, Ronin needs tuning, Scorch needs tuning, Ion needs tuning, Tone needs tuning, A-Wall needs tuning, its all so close. Respawn is at 1.9, and just needs that last tenth to finish off.
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  • OK, fine. There you go!
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