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Repspawn might be coming home!

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Microsoft in Talks to buy EA!


  • laddie13
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    I call ****, there’s no way Microsoft will acquire EA. First off while Microsoft as a whole surely has the means to buy EA I can’t see them ever investing the amount of money it would take to acquire EA since the Xbox and gaming division has been failing since the release of the Xbox One. Secondly, why would EA sell out to them anyway? They are doing just fine on their own and shutting out Sony and Nintendo in favor of being an Xbox exclusive would be plain ****...but then again it is EA.

    There’s also rumor they are looking into Valve and the company that made PUBG. I don’t see them ever having a shot at Valve either. However, it wouldn’t surprise me if they acquired the PUBG team.

  • LMS5400
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    TF2 runs on source, they are much more like half-life than any other game in that respect.

    valve makes technological sense at least.
  • SnakeSound222
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    All I need to know is one thing: Will Titanfall still come to PS consoles? Minecraft is also owned by Microsoft and it's on PS4. However, Titanfall 2 is not nearly as popular as Minecraft is, so that may be why MC is on PS4 and XB1 even though Microsoft owns it.
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