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What I miss from TF1 and what I would like to see in TF3 if it happens

1st I miss the challenges to regen from Titanfall 1
2nd yes yall did add customization to the pilots Titans and weapons but that's not what I was looking for I was looking for gun customization that was change the stats of it so it would feel personal to me
3rd I like how y'all added factions to Titanfall 2 but one thing I would like to see is if y'all do do a third game of Titanfall when you hit Max regen of a faction that faction should give you a Pacific weapon from that faction just to give you something to strive for the longevity of the game
4th I miss from Titanfall 1 the flow of the maps they were Grand in scale but I know you have to tin to certain other players that like the twitch play stuff like that small maps so here's an idea go back to making big Maps again and then take certain areas of those Maps condense it down to PVP twitch play small match


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