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Northstar buff

I know I may be asking for too much but I think I‎t would be cool if Northstar would get like endless turbo dashes, or standard 3 dashes since she has no shields. Also the feather traps should have a shorter cooldown time since they don’t really do much for you. Another Titan can destroy them by shooting at I‎t.


  • Teather traps**
  • ToxicApollo117
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    edited November 2017
    why? NS is already the best 1v1 Titan in the game. She beats everthing when played perfectly.
    "Some of you may consider this overkill. It is"
  • if you feel you dont have enough tethers, just run double tethers. if u got not enough speed, the run viper thusters.
    "Some of you may consider this overkill. It is"
  • I’m not saying she isn’t good 1v1 but when are you ever 1v1 in Titan brawl or last Titan standing. You usually get ganged up by legion and ronin
  • TheMightyM0
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    Having a good Monarch chase you all over the map in a 1v1 scenario is pretty frustrating, too, but I think that that's more Monarchs fault than a failing on Northstar's part.
  • NorthStar is for those Whom Enjoy a True Challenge for Evey single Shot made.
    No Cheating Shields, No Cheating Automatic Weapons, Limited Dashes must I go On!:)
    If you find yourself wanting Extras to protect yourself your Not a NorthStar Enthusiast. Challenge is the point of NorthStar Big Homie.
    Cant take the Heat leave the Kitchen as your mother would tell ya;)
  • STARS Network is where you can find about 50+ of the Best NorthStars in TF2 in Game Mode LTS for Xbox.
    New STARS always Welcome:)
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