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Lobby times Make me wanna walk away...

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Hey Respawn soon to be EA only:). Ive sat in Lobbys for such long period of times I end up shutting the game off.
Im not the only one who feels this way as Ive spoken with other TF players.
I suggest bringing back Lobby counts per game. Why was it not carried over to TF2?
Hopefully EA or Respawn see these posts and I wont have to guess if anyone is playing.
Possibly sit here for 45min to play 1 ten min game.
Please do share this post as many times as possible. Lobby counts is not that hard to add for us.
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  • Geddon95405
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    they don't like that anymore

    it leads to domino effects and bad press if the game shows low player counts

    they'd rather we wait endlessly in a playlist, wasting our time, rather than causing the above issues
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