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XBox One Graphics Extremely Blurred.

I just bought this game yesterday. I can't even get past the first campaign mission because every time I use a weapon other than my pistol the screen gets extremely blurry. I can barely make out the enemies. When I switch back to my pistol, it fixes itself. I turned off ADS blur, and Film Grain, but it still happens. I have uninstalled, and reinstalled the game. Does anyone have any fixes, or reasons why this happens? I'm about to take this game and trade it in since I can't play it.


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    You should record some footage using the Xbox 1 DVR and then post it in the Report Bug section so that the issue can be looked into. It would also help readers see the problem you're having so we can offer targeted advice.

    Have you tried hooking your Xbox 1 to a different TV monitor or using a different HDMI cable and seeing if the issue occurs? Try looking at your TV's video settings, most have a 'game' mode which I is required to play games that run at 60 frames per second like TFall2.

    If you record some game-play by pressing the guide button then the X button you can then hold the guide to watch that video capture. If the captured video has the blur its a game issue, if not it's a TV / HDMI / Xbox 1 HDMI port issue.

    I know that the side-arm pistols don't have image magnification unlike other weapons so this suggest the issue maybe TV related if it only occurs when ADSing. The TV maybe struggling to update the game screen while presenting a zoomed screen view (if that makes sense.)

    I maybe also worth while trying a private match in multiplayer mode rather than campaign and see if the issue persists. More information you find out about the issue the better chances are to solve the issue.

    Hope that helps!

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