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Northstar Self Defense

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So lately I have noticed more pilots with either phase dash or stim who run right in close to me and my Northstar, spamming their MGLs like crazy people. This seems to happen as soon as I get a titan kill, the vengeful little turds immediately chase me down and try to kill me up close. They are so far proving to be very good at staying close enough for me to struggle to land hits with the railgun, but are too far away to punch or use smoke on, and they move quickly enough that the cluster missile doesn't seem to help much either. Any advice for how to swat those pesky pilots?


  • Tubby_Client
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    stick with your team, usually other friendly Titans will help swat at them to help keep them off you. Or if you can, be a little aggressive with your dashes. Dash towards them and do a quick melee. That will either scare them off, or eventually get themselves killed by your massive punch.
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  • ChromolyRex
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    If you can't kill them quickly at close range, find an escape vector and double-dash away. Then turn and kill them from beyond their reach. Or make them run from their spot by putting a missile near them -- the cluster is a good temporary area-denial tool especially if you use Enhanced Payload.
    You also have to accept that it's okay to run and let them get away.
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