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ERROR: Connection to server timed out - PS4

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Hi, recently (last 4 days to be exact) i've been experiencing this "ERROR: Connection to server timed out" issue. Is there anyone here who encountered the same? And does anyone know how to fix it?

I already tried everything possible (that i know), including resetting my router, PS4 network settings and disconnecting all other devices from the router, reinstalling the game updates.. even tried ejecting the CD. :[

I have 20Mbps connection, PS4 is connected through WiFi. it was working fine but i do not know what happened 4 days ago. Everytime i connect to a multiplayer match, i would be able to play for 10-20 seconds then it will crash to the main screen with the Error message. It is really frustrating because i managed to get my Pilot to Gen5.12 without any connection issues, with the same lobby ping and in-game ping.

I really hope someone can help me with this. Thanks in advance.


  • bovrillor
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    It's not just you.

    Sometime in the last week, the same issue has started happening to me. It works fine during the day but around 5PM GMT I can no longer connect to any matches. Every other game I own works fine.

    PS4 Connected via Ethernet to Technicolour router (standard model used by lots of ISPs)

    Have tested my bandwidth and line speed during those hours - everything looks fine!

    I took my PS4 next-door (BT Infinity, Netgear Nighthawk Router) and had no problems...

    Seems it's caused by UDP flooding, due to poor network coding on Respawn's end - as seen in this thread:


    So it's either:

    1) Buy an expensive new router to make this one game work


    2) Give up because Respawn don't seem to care. Have spoken to them about it and they claimed it was my local line being throttled, which is clearly not the case.
  • vsc2infg5p
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    Though it really sucks, it's good to hear from other players who are experiencing this issue. Seems like there are very few players affected by this but i hope that Respawn and EA would address this matter in the future.

    Sometimes, i try to connect to other datacenter and i would be able to play longer but still get disconnected at the middle of the match.

    Calling out RESPAWN... Help?
  • telecomm
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    Same issue here, with pretty much the same timeline. PS4, AirPort Extreme router, no changes to the configuration on my side. All worked well until recently.
  • BOUGHT A NEW ROUTER (LINKSYS WRT3200ACM) - NO LUCK! *sigh* Multiplayer match still kicks me out.
  • vsc2infg5p
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    Still no fix for this?

    My MP game is unplayable, it keeps on disconnecting. I just keep on trying hoping that the disconnection logs will give light to the Devs on how to fix this issue.
  • telecomm
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    vsc2infg5p wrote: »
    I just keep on trying hoping that the disconnection logs will give light to the Devs on how to fix this issue.

    Same here, every once in a while I can play a full game, but I'm definitely providing them with lots of disconnection data. :/
  • bovrillor
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    Still no fix here either. I try every evening to provide disconnection data, but I never actually get to play a game.

    Every other game I own continues to work fine.

    Some admission of the problem is LONG overdue, as is the solution.

    I did get a tweet from EA today, 10 days after tweeting them. It was just a single word - 'sorry'. Clearly insincere and not remotely helpful. Between EA and Respawn, this is the worst customer service I've ever experienced from a game's support staff. They don't even respond to support tickets on this particular subject.
  • vsc2infg5p
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    somehow, i think the servers are working fine now, played like 2-3 hours for 2 days now and haven't been disconnected.
  • telecomm
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    edited February 2017
    No joy here, I'm afraid—it's as bad as ever. I've noticed that when I can play a match, I'll get the "Jumping to location..." screen, but if I don't get that screen (and appear in a map after the timer has started) I'll almost certainly lose the connection. Anyway, hope the server fix comes sooner rather than later...
  • Same here for the past few days it keeps kicked me out and saying connection has timed out as soon as I enter the multiplayer lobby
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