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Cannot "Join a Game" through XBox Live Friends List.

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Platform: X1
Issue: Cannot join a friend whose in a Titanfall 2 match via the XBox Live Friend's List.
Reproducible: 100% of the time
  • Player 1 and Player 2 add each other in Xbox Live.
  • Player 1 start and begins a Titanfall 2 match.
  • While in match, double tap Player 2 Xbox Button, and bring up the Xbox Friend's menu.
  • Under Friends tab, find Player 1.
  • Select Join.
  • Join a Game is always inactive and Player 2 cannot join friend's game even if an empty slot is available for Player 1's game.
Additional Information

I looked through known issues (last updated 10/30) and performed searches in this forum about this issue, as far back as a couple of months. While, some posts have comments that have shed light to my problem. I am unsure if Respawn is aware of this particular Xbox One issue and thought to make a concise post on it, to hopefully get this resolved in an upcoming update.

Being able to Join a Game on Xbox Live was something that was in Titanfall 1 which I hope returns.
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