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XB1- Map-Complex/Eden, Ronin Sword kills through buildings, walls, and floors

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I have seen a lot of Ronin sword kills against pilots (especially me) when there is no possible way the sword could get someone.

I have attached the URL of a snip of the map Complex. In the room just below the Thunderdome there is a catwalk where a pilot can get shots in on a passing titan. The Ronin can kill pilots with his sword through the floor of the catwalk.

Ronin can also kill pilots inside the building above the Main Courtyard where the B flag/Hardpoint is on the map Eden. At this location Ronin's sword would have to go through the wall surrounding the courtyard and into the building to get a pilot. This happens.

Ronin is a farging icehole with his magic sword that goes through walls and floors when bullets or missiles can't.

This is not a lag issue. The sword goes through solid objects in some places


  • SlayerKrell
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    I think it does through every map - doesn't it?

  • majormasingil
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    edited January 2017
    I think it does through every map - doesn't it?

    Yes I think you're right. I've only died in the spots associated with the 2 examples I submitted, but it wouldn't surprise me if it did. I wanted to give them specific places to look at.
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