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Improve your map knowledge!

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So one thing that I have found that helps me immensely in learning the maps of Titanfall 2 has been to first learn how the map is shaped. Most of the maps have some kind of general, not quite round or square layout that is fairly easy to break down, and when you know this, it becomes much easier to figure out where you are in relationship to other players on that map.

I'd like this thread to be a general discussion about tips for learning how to move through each map (preferably individual maps, and in detail) as well as some tips, tricks and tactics of both pilot and titan gameplay for each map. My reason for this post is because I feel like knowing is half the battle, and because of the movement system, players need to know how to use the environment to their advantage.

Ready, go.


  • SharpShot49_E_A
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    Great topic! I would make a post, but I'm not too great at the game, and making a post about this would take a pretty long time. Sorry!
  • TheMightyM0
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    I guess I'll start us off, then.

    How I will format this will be as follows:

    My preferred playstyle, meaning what kinds of weapons and kits I usually use on the map,

    Map traffic, explaining where I have seen most of the action take place,

    Wall running tips, explaining what to look for and where to go to make the most of your movement,

    Titan tips, detailing some of the things I like to do in titans on this map. Which titans I like most, and how it where to use them.

    One of my favorite maps is Drydock. This is a great submachine guns map, side it has a lot of close quarters areas right in the center of the map. The excellent wallrunning potential in the large structure in the center of the map can make the EPG an incredibly fun weapon to try out, since most people stick to the floors or hallways rather than actually wallrunning. Give that a shot, but know that you basically are going to have to wall run the whole game if you do.

    I run one of two loadouts on this map, depending on what mood I'm in. I usually use Stim, Pulse Blade, or Phase, since it is fairly easy to combine wall runs on this map without the grappling hook. Sometimes I use the Holo Pilot, since there are a TON of blind corners and doorways you can send it through to surprise other pilots with. I tend to favor SMGs or grenadier weapons on this map, as opposed to shotguns or ARs, simply because I am going to be up on the walls and shooting down at people rather than lurking in hallways. For either choice, smoke grenades or the arc grenades are an excellent choice, allowing you to effectively close doors or set up easy EPG kills. Gravity star isn't bad either, but I like the other two more.

    Some things to look out for on this map are early pushes through the two hallways on either side of the parked drop ship. 85-90% of the games I've played so far, the first strike seems to happen in there. Players will generally stick to the areas inside the large structure of the map, usually only leaving it to get to the bridge on the one side for flanking, or going to the large building near the drop ship. Players love to put auto turrets on the roof of that building facing the center lane, so keep that in mind.

    As far as wallrunning goes, this is possibly my favorite map because it gives you so much freedom to move up above other players on the high walls inside the main building. As a pilot, you can move to literally any part of the map without your feet touching the ground, mostly because you can get enough momentum to launch yourself out to the edges of you need to. Now, the central structure makes wallrunning easy, but more important are the open spaces outside of it. If you are caught out there, the best thing to do is to find the two pillars on the side with the trees and use those to start wall runs into the low panels scattered nearby. That will get you back to the main structure, which will give you cover from titans. I can't tell you how many easy kills I've gotten in my titan because pilots in foot have run right past those ON THE GROUND in a desperate attempt to get to cover. Use the lower edges of the main building as well to wall run and become a harder target to hit.

    As for titan combat, there are two main ways to approach this map. First, is to take a Scorch or a Ronin and try to occupy the center of the map. If you can pull it off, you can get a lot of pilot kills and hog all the minions until the Reapers start showing up, but you have to watch out for titans flanking you. For some reason Ions and Tones love to stomp on there and try to push out whoever is in the middle, so be aware that other than Scorch and Ronin, that's mostly what you'll gave if you decide to fight in the middle. Pilots can also wreak havoc on you thanks to their mobility and the close quarters. Bring Counter Ready or Nuclear Ejection.

    More often, though, I find that this is an excellent Legion or Northstar map. The map is essentially square, with a large open path around the outside that favors long range titans. Northstar should stick to the corners where she can fire down two lanes. I like each side of the map for different reasons - the tree side has a lot of places you can run in and hide on, and down by the large bridge is a ledge you can either jump down off of from the interior of the main building, or use your jump jets to boost back up onto as an escape route from titans who get too close. Northstar can land on both of the bridges on this map, namely the large one near the middle of the map as well as the narrow one on the side with the big building and the huge crane. Useful for throwing off other titans aim and for surprising pilots. In both Legion and Northstar, you can have a lot of success fighting on the side of the map without the bridge, since you can crouch to use the low ramps as cover. Step up the ramp, fire, step back, crouch, reload, repeat.

    Any other tips on Drydock? Those are some things I have seen work for me. Share your own below!
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