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Legion Advice

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I was the guy that took one look at Atlas and Ogre in the first game and said NOOOOPE, and immediately jumped into the Stryder and owned face until everyone else started catching on. That said, I have always relied on my skill in dodging and evading enemy fire as well as flanking to do well in Titanfall, and aside from Scorch's area denial (which is awesome, and totally out of character for me to like) I've had a tough time figuring out Legion. I'm looking for advice on which maps are good ones for him, as well as tips on how to manage his abilities relative to his ammunition and how to even drive the **** thing. Big, heavy and slow is hard for me, despite the extra armor, so anything at all about what kinds of positions to try and set up as well as when to attack and when not to attack would be good.

I did have a weird moment of clarity when I realized that, like Ion's energy, Legion has a resource to manage, it being the Predator Cannon ammunition. I often find that I run out at awkward times and then can't make use of the Power Shot or whatever.

Thanks! You guys are awesome.


  • PlasticNad
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    First advice is don't be afraid to push forwards with legion, its armour can take a beating (just make sure you have a way to retreat whilst reloading) and use the gun shield tactically. It enables you to deal a ton of damage and be practically impossible to hit.

    In regards to positioning yourself, legion is best at the front. Say you're in lts, Don't try the old 'I'll flank and get them by surprise' right at the beginng of the match, cause chances are your whole team will be wiped out by the time you get there. Instead pair up with another mid or light weight chassis to be the tank. Legion is the tank.

    With abilities, make sure you're using the right mode for your predator cannon. There's a short and long range mode (I prefer long range all the time since you can focus on crit hits). Use the gun shield well and don't miss with your heavy round. Pop your smart core when there's more than one enemy around to do the most damage.

    Complex, forward base, boomtown and eden are the best maps IMO. Focus on trapping your enemies out in the open and shredding them to pieces.
  • OdysseyHome
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    I haven't played much of legion but my in game stats says that the predator cannon is my most score effective gun.

    So pre-patch/DLC i'd use turbo engines and sensory array. Played it safe but aggressive using dash as an attack positioning then retreat device. Long range ammo is great for long range sniping and the power shot penetrates targets but has extra anmo cost and is slower compared to close range ammo. Short range power shot kinda stuns titans wish is good. This makes power shot good for initiations, or to mop up if titans run.

    Sensor array is pretty cool! 18 sec of unlimited tracking ammo. I use it like a alternative reload, and mostly with long range for pilot killing. But it melts titans with close ammo. Trick is to be aggressive and work with allies.

    Post patch i hear hidden compartment is good and helps with burst dmg sniping, but i haven't tried it yet.

    Legion is pretty good with warpfalll and a battery boost. Allows you to suprise foes and earn smart core quickly; if you get the timing right.

    Players are keening to legions slowness now so
    are exploiting tactics like nukes, C4, rodeoes, etc to harrass. Trick is to hold positions of advantage like tunnels an mow em down.

    Best thing is to flank effectively. Don't walk into the enemy team unless you have allies with you and smart core. If you can surprise an enemy's front line you can lay in some serious damage. So don't be affeaid to sprint the outskirts of maps.

    Extra smoke maybe most useful for legion due his abilities, allowing hiding of his gun shield. Haven't tested if smart core is blocked by on smoke. Overcore may make him awesome but giving up dash is learnimg a skill in itself. I did this with scorch and find overcore is awsome with battery to get instant smoke.

    Also auto titan is probably best with legion. It allows him to use powershot and ammo switch i think. Am going to experiment when i max level scorch (made the scorch tip share and research thread).

    Hope that helps!
  • TheMightyM0
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    Thanks for the feedback, guys! I think between reading all this and just playing more with Legion, something clicked and now I usually have half of my team's titan kills each game. Pretty awesome. He might have even deposed Scorch as my second favorite titan now.
  • Zachecan
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    I use Legion on all maps and use short range mode for long range and short range since it increases accuracy and power shot is like a North Star shot, i also have a problem with reload but, usually i take cover and reload in time. The only problem with legion is that its rival is Ronin. Ronin and can dash at you and as soon as you activate your shield(which slows you down), can easily phase shift behind you and finish you off before you can turn around. But, it does have its perks, its shield can block a whole missile salvo and the North Star's core. And smart core can kill ejecting pilots and has infinite ammo the whole 10 seconds or so, so don't stop shooting those whole 10 seconds since there is no bad side of shooting the whole 10 seconds. Hope this helps.
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