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How do I add a video or gif in the post?

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I tried attaching gif or video but when i preview the post it doesn't show.


  • ProjectBangarang
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    You have to type video in between these [ ] then the URL of said video then type /video between these [ ]

    For the Gif it's tougher and sometimes doesn't work but it is the same thing with video and /video being replaced with img and /img
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  • crabman169
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    When you create a post you'll see a page with its corner dogeared above the text box. Click/tap that should bring up a line text box for you to type/paste a url of an image or gif. Make sure the image and gif are in their .jpeg/.gif etc format else the link won't work
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  • cosmicturtle333
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    You can just paste youtube videos into the text box.
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  • V3RN3TTI
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    thanks guys
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